Pro-Life topic of Men of Prayer

By Labetha Casey

The August 4, 2022, meeting for the Men of Prayer held at the Stonewall Community Center also included an open invitation for ladies to attend.  Therefore, it was fitting for the  first speaker to be Jodi Burns who is the director for Heart Of Hope–a sanctuary for women, which is located in Keithville.

With the topic of the meeting being about abortion and the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade,  attention was given to focus on helping young girls who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy by giving them an alternative to abortion.  Mrs. Burns shared that since their opening in December, 2010, 120 girls ranging in the ages of 11-23 years of age have profited from the services rendered at their facility.  Not only do these girls have a safe home in which to live with live-in house parents, they have a life coach to help unpack their “baggage” and to help them with setting life goals. Nine of the girls have opted to adopt their babies into a loving home.

 Statistics show that 67% of teen moms do not graduate and only 2% obtain a college degree.  However, many of the girls who took advantage of the educational opportunities at Heart of Hope are now EMTs, nurses, teachers and other similar professions.

Guest speaker, Attorney John Milkovich, chose as his topic “The War on Children.”  He began by quoting Ezekiel 20:26  “and I pronounced them unclean because of their ritual gifts, in that they caused all their firstborn to pass through the fire, that I might make them desolate and that they might know that I am the LORD.”  

While in office as a Louisiana state senator, Milkovich was successful in writing and getting several pro-life bills passed including the Fetal Heartbeat Bill.  He stated that during his term, there were several so-called pro-life legislators who asked him to stop his pro-life quest.  His thoughts are that though these and other bills had been passed, the real heroes are those who have prayed and those who have ministered in front of abortion clinics for several decades.

According to Milkovich, the assault on children not only includes abortion that kills them, but a failing educational system, unsafe schools and unsafe streets.  He cited topics of textbooks in Louisiana schools for 1st-5th grades to include suicide, bisexualism, and  murder among other age inappropriate topics. While in office he unsuccessfully  attempted to get bills passed dealing with bullying in the schools, to allow staff who are veterans to be armed,  and to abolish Common Core curriculum.

Referencing the latest Supreme Court decision about abortion, he  described the “trigger law’ that Louisiana legislators had put into place to become effective when the Supreme Court declared that Roe vs. Wade is unconstitutional and then returned the decisions to be determined by each state.  Since then, several Louisiana state lawsuits have been filed causing the ban to be punted back and forth, rendering the ban to be in effect–or not.  However, with the aid of State Attorney General Jeff Landry, the 1st Circuit Court declared on July 29, 2022 that the abortion ban in Louisiana is in effect.

The final thoughts Milkovich brought are that the manner in which children are treated determines a civilization’s culture, the world in which we live, and our relationship to God. 

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