Deliverance Crew Received Beard Donation

This month, Sheriff Richardson has chosen “The Deliverance Crew” which is an offshoot of the Men of Prayer group in Stonewall to receive the Sheriff’s Beard Donation.

The Deliverance Crew is made up of people who share a deep Christian faith and have compassion for the less fortunate among us.  They meet every Saturday at 8:00 am behind First Methodist Church in Shreveport to distribute donated food products to the homeless such as canned goods, packaged goods, toilet paper, hygiene products, etc.  They begin by serving breakfast sandwiches and coffee which is followed by a short message from either Mr. Tom Gatti or Mr. Mitch Bailey. 

Once a month they also do a clothes distribution as well.  This group is a part of the 318 Church at the Lovewell Center in Shreveport and is a branch off of the Men of Prayer group out of Stonewall.  Sheriff Richardson said, “We are grateful for all the work they do and the compassion that they show to the residents in our community and abroad.”

For those unfamiliar with the beard donations, back in November 2021, Sheriff Jayson Richardson sought out a way to allow deputies to grow out their beards while supporting local charities in the process.  For a small fee each month, deputies would be allowed to let those whiskers grow, and the money would be donated to a non-profit charity of the Sheriff’s choosing.  The goal would be to post and highlight these groups for the great work they do and encourage others to get involved.  Thus far nearly $20,000 has been donated to local charities since 2021.