Deputy Completes Instructor Training

Sheriff Jayson Richardson would like to acknowledge and congratulate Cpl. Donta Phillips for his recent completion of instructor training at IPTM, or Institute of Police Technology and Management.  This extensive training was held in Deland, Florida from May 2nd to May 13th, and consisted of 2 weeks (80 hours) of teaching students to become instructors in the Motors division. 

Cpl. Phillips currently serves in our DeSoto Sheriff Motors Division, and is now a certified Nationwide Motors Instructor, able to teach others in DeSoto Parish and abroad.  This instruction consisted of both on and off road maneuvers of a motorcycle in a law enforcement capacity.  Students were tasked to hold their own classroom instruction, as well as teaching in outdoor on-hand instruction. 

Having highly trained deputies is one thing but having deputies that are able to train and certify others is of great benefit to our parish, and surrounding parishes alike.  We thank Cpl. Phillips for his willingness to learn and grow in his position and congratulate him on his completion of this certification.

We Missed the Big Storms

Our parish has been spared a tornado thus far in 2022.  The National Weather Service in Shreveport issued the latest count for northwest Louisiana, east Texas, southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas at 31.  The tornado northeast of Detroit, TX now brings our total to 31 tornadoes so far this year.

DeSoto and Red River parishes have had no tornadoes in 2022.  Hardest hit are Natchitoches and Caddo parishes with four tornadoes each.  Rusk County in east Texas has had five.

Don’t Zap The Bees!

The DeSoto LSU Ag Center office said to save the honeybees.  If you have an unwanted swarm, the Ag Center can help.

The Ag Center said, “We have been seeing a lot of social media posts about honeybee swarms this time of year.  Honeybees play an instrumental role in agriculture and life in general so please do not spray them.  There are plenty of beekeepers out there who will come out and remove the swarms for you.  Please find your area on the link below for a list of beekeepers.

2000 Mules Documentary Substantiates 2020 Election Fraud

By Royal Alexander

A mere 42,918 votes sprinkled among Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia clinched the White House. (National Review, 12-15-2020).

Many have believed the 2020 presidential election was stolen on election night, Nov 4, 2020.

But now we have verifiable evidence that refutes The Big Lie of the Left that the election was “the most secure election in history.”  Criminal investigations must be opened now, and subpoenas issued, on the federal and state level to pursue this damming trail of evidence.

True the Vote founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, had the perfect response to the claim of the Left that the 2020 presidential election had no significant voter fraud.  “You don’t need a whole lot of fraud.  You just need a little in the right places over time.”  Her stunning and irrefutable observations jump off the screen in filmmaker and commentator, Dinesh D’Souza’s, compelling and unnerving new documentary 2,000 Mules.

The film premiered in selected cities in early May and is now being screened more widely across the country.

Using cutting edge technology, the film proves that the 2020 election was highly fraudulent and likely stolen—not just from Donald Trump but from the American people.

How was this unprecedented political theft accomplished? The old-fashioned way—by stuffing ballot boxes.

As outlined by Deroy Murdock in The Daily Signal, an affiliate of the Heritage Foundation:

“True the Vote researchers Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips analyzed 10 trillion cell phone geo-tracking signals captured during the closing weeks of the 2020 general election campaign.”

What did the 10 trillion cell phone geo-tracking signals, the pings, and 4 million minutes of local government security camera video recordings of these drop boxes reveal?

According to Murdock, “This investigation’s results are staggering.  Cameras capture one mule after another traveling from box to box to deposit successive fists full of ballots.  One mule in Atlanta slid ballots into 28 different collection bins.  Most mules left just a few ballots in each box over several weeks, leaving eyebrows unraised.  But in Gwinnett County, Georgia, 271 people visited one box on Oct. 12, 2020.  That day, 1,962 ballots were inserted—10 times the normal number.

These mules were not just overzealous political operatives.  Corrupt activist groups reportedly paid them per ballot delivered, which is universally illegal.”  (The mules’ identities reveal that many have criminal records).

So, was there enough fraud to change the outcome? Unquestionably, YES.

Again, a mere 42,918 votes sprinkled among Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia clinched the White House. (NR)

And again, as Englebrecht points out, “You don’t need a whole lot of fraud.  You just need a little in the right places over time.”

True the Vote discovered that, in the five states, some 2,000 mules averaged 38 drop-box visits in the weeks before Election Day and estimates that 380,000 fraudulent ballots resulted.  Coming from heavily Democrat areas, these almost certainly were overwhelmingly pro-Biden ballots. 

—In Arizona, 200 mules typically approached 20 boxes each.  Disqualifying these 20,000 unlawful ballots would evaporate Biden’s 10,457-vote win in Arizona.

—In Georgia, 250 mules stopped at 24 boxes and inserted five ballots per encounter.  Rejecting these 30,000 illegal votes would eliminate Biden’s victory margin of 11,779.

—In Pennsylvania, 1,100 mules in Philadelphia alone encountered 50 boxes.  Vacating these 275,000 illegitimate votes would eradicate Biden’s 80,555-vote victory.

[I note that an AP “fact checker” on the movie suggested that perhaps the pings were FedEx drivers driving by every day on their route, but D’Souza states the pings are within feet of drop boxes and the mules went all over Atlanta, but only to drop boxes, not to other points, so it’s not plausible it was commercial drivers.  Also, they were going in the middle of the night which FedEx drivers don’t do.]

Undoing this political and constitutional evil would have removed these three states from Biden’s total.  The Electoral College count would have then shifted to 259 for Biden and 279 for Donald Trump.  This would have earned Trump four more years as president.

One of the core constitutional and political principles of America is that our government governs with legitimacy only by and with the “consent of the governed.”  The only power it has over us is power we have explicitly granted to it.

This means that, to ensure our God-given—not government given—fundamental rights, the U.S. Government was instituted by citizens to protect themselves from threats and dangers—both foreign and domestic—and from the government itself.

2000 Mules asks—and answers—serious political and constitutional questions concerning the legitimacy of the government that is now exercising power over us.

As all Americans can see from their daily struggles, this illegitimate government is now in the process of intentionally destroying our economy, robbing us of our energy independence, stealing from us our right to be safe in our neighborhoods and homes free of the surging crime wave, denying us freedom of speech, and refusing to protect us from a foreign invasion on our southern border.

And, at the same time, this government weaponizes the Department of Justice against parents—whom it labels “domestic terrorists”—for resisting the racism of Critical Race Theory; and refuses to confirm or deny—or condemn—reported plans to provide ‘gender reassignment surgery’ (also known as genital mutilation) to children, without parental consent; and supports a war on pre-born female (and male) children through taxpayer-funded dismemberment and saline poisoning abortion up to the moment of birth, going far beyond the legal scope of Roe v. Wade.

Numerous polls clearly establish that this is simply not the government to which the vast majority of Americans have consented.

I believe that the November midterm elections will begin the peaceful, constitutional process of restoring a “government by consent of the governed” to the American people. 

In the meantime, we must continue to speak out, resist and fight for the country we love.

Tour the Battlefield

Come to the Mansfield State Historic Site on Saturday.  The staff is offering a tour of the historic battlefield beginning at 2:00 pm.

This staff-guided program will lead guests on an in-depth tour of the battlefield, visiting key points on the field where some of the most significant action of the battle occurred. Tour will involve outdoor walking of approximately half a mile.  Appropriate footwear and clothing is recommended.

The Mansfield State Historic Site is an American Civil War Battlefield park located 3 miles south of the town of Mansfield, LA, on State Highway 175.

Dramatics Back Alley Academy

It’s time to register for Back Alley Theatre summer camp.  The Dramaniacs are excited to announce that this year’s show is PUFFS.

Camp will be 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday,  June 13-24.  Shows will be June 24 & 25 at 6:00 pm and June 26 at 2:00 pm. 

Visit their website for registration at or use the google doc link:

Dramatics is looking forward to many new and returning faces this summer.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Fundraiser

St. Ann’s Fundraising Committee is hosting a Chicken Charbroil Sunday, June 12th beginning at 10:30 am. Plates are $10 and include chicken leg quarter, beans, potato salad, bread and cookie. Food service will begin at 10:30 am.

St. Ann’s will host a Cornhole Tournament benefit for Adam Purland STRONG at 1:00 pm. Entry is $50 per two-man team. Overall team winners will win half of the split the pot.

Please pre-register for cornhole tournament here:

Lifeshare Blood Center will also be onsite for blood donations in support of the cause.

For more information on how to support Adam Purland and his family, please visit

Brothers Reconnecting

By Steve Graf

Every year I make plans to meet my brother, Mike Comer, and my nephew, Chris, along with a host of characters from their past, for some offshore fishing for speckled trout, redfish and maybe a flounder or two. This is a welcome change from my constant chasing of largemouth bass. It’s a trip that has brought two brothers closer together and allowed for sharing of so many stories of our parallel pasts. Our parents divorced when our mother was pregnant with me. Mike was 5 years older than me and stayed with our dad, while I stayed with our mom after I was born. I never knew about Mike until it was revealed to me around the age of ten. Yes, it’s complicated and sad that we never got to meet each other until about 6 years ago, but we have taken full advantage of this opportunity and are trying to make up for lost time.

This annual fishing trip to Galveston, Texas, has great meaning for me as it allows us to reunite and share our family history and memories of years gone by, as well creating new ones. It’s a time when I get to sit and talk with Mike and hear stories about our dad and the grandparents who raised him, both of whom I never got to meet. At the same time, I get to share my memories of our mother who was not a part of his life. It’s kind of a sad story, but one we are both fortunate, in so many ways, to have been a part of. Our past has shaped both of us, in a positive way, into the people we are today. God has a funny sense of humor sometimes, but he always has a plan and knows your destination. We were both blessed with people who made sure we were given a chance to excel in life, people who took us in and raised us as their own. Mike was with his grandparents and I with my aunt and uncle.

Sports and fishing have played a huge role in both of our lives, creating opportunities that any young man would be lucky to experience. But nothing brings two brothers together more than going out on a body of water and picking up a rod with a topwater bait tied on and catching fish. There’s just something special about a bass, redfish or a trout blowing up on a walking bait like a Zara Spook. Yes, it is very competitive between us as to who caught the most or the biggest fish of the day. There’s a lot of picking and joking around as to who was the better athlete or who is the best fisherman….which by the way is me since I’m the one writing this article. I will make sure Mike gets a copy of this testimonial, so he’ll know the truth.

All jokes aside, Mike and I have only known each other for less than 6 years, but our connection with each other runs deep. Every time we get together, it’s an adventure on the water, but it’s also a time to reconnect and talk about the time we missed growing up together like brothers should. But neither one of us has any regrets or grudges. We recognize that this has been a small part of God’s plan for each of us. We recognize the blessing we have been given and that God has brought us together for a reason. One thing is for sure, we both love to fish and as long as we can both pick up a rod and make a cast, our brotherly competition will continue for whatever time we have left here on Earth. Till next time, good luck, good fishing and don’t forget to set the hook.

Journal Offering Scholarships

Students who aren’t sure where they’ll go to college this fall are encouraged to apply for the Journal Services NSU Scholarships, which will award three new Northwestern State University students up to $3,000 in the next school year.

Applications are being accepted beginning today through midnight June 8. A link to a simple online application form is available at the bottom of this story.

The scholarships are designed to assist Class of 2022 high school students who haven’t settled on a college choice, as well as students currently enrolled at other higher-education institutions who are considering transferring to NSU in Natchitoches.

They are being provided by Journal Services, LLC, the business that serves local and area residents by providing the framework for the DeSoto Parish Journal. Journal Services, LLC, is based in Natchitoches and supports 12 journals covering north central and northwest Louisiana.

“We know there are students who haven’t decided yet where they’ll go to college this fall. We know that in many cases, money is a key factor in making college accessible,” said Bill Vance, general manager of Journal Services, LLC. “We are providing three game-changing scholarships bringing eager students to NSU to take advantage of the excellent academic programs here, and to live in a community where there are plenty of opportunities to find part-time jobs and to have a great student experience.”

A successful applicant from DeSoto Parish will join 252 other local students who attend Northwestern. Among the university’s 81,000 alumni, 1,057 currently live in DeSoto Parish.

Applicants are asked to provide their high school GPA (and college GPA if applicable), and also, report their ACT score along with listing honors, extracurricular activities and other relevant information on the form. That information will provide a basis for selecting the three winners.

The scholarship awards are for $1,500 cash per semester in the 2022-23 academic year. To renew the scholarship for the Spring 2023 semester, winners must post at least a 2.7 Fall semester GPA at NSU.

Scholarship winners must live in Natchitoches Parish during the upcoming school year. They are also required to have in-person, face-to-face instruction for 75 percent of their classes in 2022-23.

Students who have already accepted financial aid awards from Northwestern are not eligible to apply.

To apply, CLICK HERE

Andersons Produce Is Now Open

It is time for fresh from the farm fruits and veggies.  Anderson’s Produce at Lake End is open for the 2022 season.  Anderson’s Produce said, “We have a great crop in store this year for you.” 

In addition to the freshest fruits and vegetables, Anderson’s has the farm raised fresh beef from Dan Cason farms.   Also, there is a great selection of flowers and ferns.

Anderson’s Produce is located halfway between LA 1 and I-49 at 110 Anderson Lane.  Phone 318-932-1432.  Farmer Anderson said, “Come on out and see us at the farm.”

Notice of Death. – Friday, May 27, 2022

Paula Denise Griffin

November 21, 1964 to May 22, 2022

Graveside Service: Saturday May 28,2022 @ 11:00 a.m. Benevolent Cemetery Mansfield, LA

Shirlyn Modica Bush

July 30, 1957 to May 20, 2022

Saturday Services June 4,2022 @ 1:00 p.m. Lie-in-State from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Jenkins Funeral Home Chapel in Many, La.

Ruby Woods Pullard

February 22, 1952 to May 17, 2022

Memorial Service: Saturday May 28,2022 @ 11:00 a.m. Morning Glory B.C. Mansfield, LA.

ETC… For Friday, May 27, 2022

A note from the Sheriff’s Office:  For those who attended the Sheriff’s Youth Hunting Skills Camp, Hunter Safety Certifications were emailed out to the email address provided during camp.  Please check your SPAM folders if you do not find them in your inbox.  Some have reported to have found them in their Spam or Junk folders.

Northwestern State University’s Office of Electronic and Continuing Education will offer a Pick Up Your Brush painting class on June 9 and 23 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the second floor of South Hall. The fee is $45 per session. Each class is a separate session.

Mansfield Middle School said, “Sign up for Cursive Writing Classes.”  The classes will begin June 22nd, 2:00 to 5:00 pm at the Mansfield Library.

Market Debuts on Riverfront

By Nicole Tull

HomeTown Market in Logansport has begun. It will run for 6 months on the riverfront. Every third Saturday vendors will be peddling their wares. Homegrown produce vendors are highly encouraged. It can be fresh or preserved. Jams, jellies, and salsa was the feature this past weekend but pickles and vegetables in mason jars are also desired by customers. Dehydrated spices and herbal teas could be featured. Local honey items would be great.

Homemade items are in high demand as well. Leatherwork wallets, purses, keychains, and earrings were featured this past weekend. There were also kitchen items that were available. Sewn bowl cozies, towel boas, bag holders and potholders.

It is a farmer’s market, so let’s see some farm items like baby animals. Chickens, ducks, guineas, and turkeys are popular. Farms also have plants. Maybe you have an abundance of flowers, herbs or bushes needing to be thinned out and could sell. Fresh eggs are found on a farm. If you missed getting some on Saturday, you can plan on seeing them again.

Crafter’s market is the other part of this event. Folks would like to see woodwork pieces, painted items, home décor, handmade jewelry, hand crafted cups and t-shirts. Maybe you have a hidden talent that you like to try out on the public. Booth rent is pretty cheap for the duration of the market making it a tempting time to see what folks will buy. The Logansport Chamber of Commerce oversees this event, so contact them for more information.

District of Excellence

The District of Excellence Award has been presented to DeSoto K-2 EL teachers.  It was presented by Imagine Learning (formerly Learnzillion) for the implementation of the Expeditionary Learning Tier I curriculum.

In issuing congratulations, DeSoto Schools noted, This National Award is another reason we are the DeSoto Difference.”

Honors for Track Team

The track team from Mansfield High School brought home a state championship this spring.  Their efforts were recognized this week by the police jury.

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury gathered to pay tribute to the Mansfield High School’s Track Team. They are the Louisiana State Champions. The police jury presented each member of the team with a medal.  Mansfield High received a Trophy.

East Bound and Up

By Teddy Allen

Louisiana Tech’s baseball team, proud of its “rally trains” that often opportunistically chug across the tracks beyond J.C. Love Field’s outfield fence, found itself last weekend in need of a rally bus.

Or two.

Or more.

The 12-hour one-way trip to play Charlotte in North Carolina in the final three-game series of the regular season began mid-morning Tuesday aboard a pair of busses. This happens at a school Tech’s size many times each season. Few charter flights at mid-majors.

Most people don’t appreciate the grind of sports travel. You just think it’s hard getting to the family reunion and not losing your mind or getting in a fistfight once you’re there. That’s a ride for a quarter on a drugstore pony compared to moving an entire team from Point Home to Point Lord-Help-Us-All.

Flying commercial with a baseball team is stressful for lots of reasons — cost, long layovers or delayed flights, and mainly airport check-in folk who, God love them, are not usually prepared for the amount of equipment a team needs to transport.

You can get through a line faster at the world’s worst DMV. But say what you will about the DMV, they don’t make you take your shoes off to walk inside.

The friendly skies my ass.

But a bus, you can control. Until you can’t.

And that’s what happened.

I was tagging along with the team and, having driven to Carolina and back many times, knew my butt would be numb. Didn’t know my mind would be too.

Tech’s first leg was to Hoover, Alabama. Six hours, practice, sleep, Wednesday ride the next six hours, practice, sleep, play Thursday and Friday, play Saturday morning and ride all night the 12 hours back to Ruston.

It worked out that way and wasn’t bad, most things considered — unless you consider what should have been a Silver Streak-like, stop-at-Cracker-Barrel-for-lunch, Straight Shot to Hoover.

Unfortunately, you do have to consider it, and it was stupefying.

Our drivers stopped in Tallulah for an emergency kidney transplant. (Check that: for a soda pop.) Then we stopped an hour after lunch and only 80 minutes from Hoover because one of the busses needed to rest for 15 minutes or it might “explode.” Something about calibration or restoration but more likely a fabrication, which in this case was driver talk for “I need a heater and another soda pop.”

We were eastbound, but down. Uneasy riders.

Because there were too many hitches in too many git-a-longs, we finally worked out a compromise with the drivers. It was something like, “Can we borrow the keys?” They drove and there were no more unscheduled stops. Probably just a misunderstanding.


The Bulldogs lost to Charlotte’s 49ers, the hottest team in the league at 11-1 against Conference USA opponents in their most recent four series, in Game 1, 11-3. Most things considered, semi-embarrassing. But as they’ve done all season, the ’Dogs rebounded to win the next two, 8-3 and 14-5, making the ride home much less painful.

The busses might have stopped, but they didn’t slow Tech down. Pretty resilient, these Bulldogs.

Funny thing about a baseball team. On the road, they stumble into a restaurant or truck stop and fan out in their street shorts and tees and the people inside don’t know if the carnival is in town, if the roadies for Motley Crue are hungry, or if the church men’s group is stopping for gas and a Peanut Pattie on the way to help clean up after a hurricane. All shapes and sizes, these baseball guys.

But on the field, if you’ve watched them play, who they’ve become is easy to recognize. Tech bussed to Hattiesburg, Miss., Tuesday — you get the feeling they’d have walked if necessary, so eager are they to play — to begin the Conference USA tournament today. They’re 38-18 overall, 20-10, and second place in the league. A tournament title is on the line, maybe a berth in next week’s regionals.

Their coach says his guys are just ready to get the show back on the road.

“This time of year, you need to be playing loose, having fun, and we seem to be doing that,” Lane Burroughs said. “I don’t know how we’ll do this week. But I can assure you of this: these guys aren’t ready for the season to end.”

They don’t want to stop anymore.

Contact Teddy at

Griffins Selected to All Star Team

Selection of the All District Baseball teams have been released.  The North DeSoto High Griffins placed several players on the District 1-4A teams. 

Here is the list of those selected:

Kam Mangum – Jr – District 1-4A MVP and 1st team All District pitcher

Peyton Mathews – Sr – 1st team All District Infield

Dalton Hill – Sr – 1st team All District Infield

Landon Leblanc – Sr – 1st team All District Outfield

Landen Williams – Sr – 1st team All District Utility

Braden Richardson – Jr – 1st team All District Pitcher

Robert Ashley – Jr – 1st team All District Catcher

Sam Odom – Jr – 1st team All District Outfield

Eli Morris – Jr – 1st team All District Utility

Kaleb Gibson – Jr – 2nd team All District Infield

North DeSoto High said, “Congrats to these players and thank you to all of the players on the team, you each had a role in helping North De Soto Baseball earn the 2022 District 1-4A title, State semifinalist, and finishing the season with an overall record of 33-6.”

Sports Banquet at Logansport High

By Nicole Tull

Logansport High School Athletic Banquet was held on May 9. There were many sports receiving recognition. First up was football. Coach Magee bragged on the boys making it to the State Finals. Every player received an award, even 6th grader Collin Magee, son of Coach Kevin Magee. Several boys were given multiple awards for their dedication to the team.

Boys basketball honors were given to Kelan Dagley, 1st Team All District, 2nd Team All Area, Honorable Mention All State. Brody Patton receive All District Defensive and Jayven Claybrook received 2nd Team All District.

Girls’ softball team were given All District Awards. First Team All District awards are Emmarie, Atkins, Jordan Porterfield and Avery Creech. Second Team All District awards were Colby Rolfe and Landry Atkins. Honorable Mention was Kennedi Smith.

Boys track won state championship in 4×200 and state runner up in 4×100. Baseball team made it as far as All District. Cross Country, Girls track and Girls basketball were also sports receiving honors.

Cheerleaders often do not compete as other teams do. However, they support the other sports while they are playing. They rev up the crowd and keep encouraging when the players are down. All of the graduating seniors were honored for their cheerleading efforts.  

Cemetery Clean-Up on Memorial Day

Rev. Emily L. Carroll of Shady Grove United Methodist Church sent notice that there will be a family clean-up day at St. Mark Cemetery near Holly on Memorial Day.  She is helping spread the word on the clean-up.

Rev. Willie Sherin, Pastor of St. Mark Baptist Church is leading the clean-up effort.  He said, “Please come to help in the best way that you can.”

The clean-up will be at St. Mark Cemetery near Holly on Monday, May 30th, Memorial Day from 7:00 until 10:00 am.

A Flight of Fancy

By Brad Dison

Mary and her husband, George, attended a dinner party at Anna’s home.  Anna’s husband was away on business, so she convinced her brother, Hall, to be her escort at the formal affair.  It was a big to-do.  All of the men wore dress suits or tuxedos.  The women wore “dinner dresses,” which differed from evening party gowns and reception gowns in the kind of fabrics used.  Anna wore a white satin dress with matching gloves.  The dinner party guests made small talk in the hall until the butler announced, “Dinner is served.”

The men escorted the ladies into the dining room and to their designated seats.  The guest list was long, but Anna made sure that Mary sat at her table.  Mary and Anna were strong-minded women and became fast friends when they met the previous year.

As etiquette necessitated, the meal was doled out in multiple courses.  No one refused a course regardless of whether or not they intended to eat it.  If a course did not suit their fancy, they used their utensils and pretended to eat it while making small talk.  Each course lasted a certain number of minutes.  The plates or bowls for each course were promptly removed at predetermined times whether or not the guests were finished eating.  Everything was done with military precision.

During the multi-course dinner, Anna realized that Mary was becoming impatient with the formalities.  Mary, somewhat of a tomboy, always preferred trousers to dresses.  Mary enjoyed the freedom of movement trousers provided although she recognized that all of the other females wore dresses.  She may have recognized it, but it certainly did not alter her decision to wear trousers.  On this occasion, however, Mary wore a fine dinner dress with a mink coat (which she probably borrowed) because she would never have turned down Anna’s dinner invitation.

Mary had had enough.  She was enjoying her conversation with George, Anna, and Hall, but the steady stream of servants and all of the rules of etiquette were just too much.  The dinner seemed to last forever.  Finally, Mary hatched a plan.  She suggested to Anna that they sneak out of the party and take a short evening pleasure flight.  To Anna, it seemed like the perfect adventure.

To the surprise of the wait staff, Anna, Hall, George, and Mary excused themselves from the dinner party with the simple explanation that they would return shortly.  The other guests continued with their dinner as if nothing had happened.  The foursome drove to the airport and boarded an Eastern Air Transport’s twin-engine biplane.  The pilot and co-pilot taxied the plane onto the runway and took off.

Free from the stuffy dinner party, Mary and Anna were truly enjoying themselves.  As the plane leveled out, Mary suggested that they, Mary and Anna, take their adventure to the next level and fly the plane.  Anna, not one to back down from a challenge, eagerly agreed.  This was her chance to fly.  Anna had applied for pilot’s license but her husband persuaded her not to take flying lessons because he dreamed that she had crashed an airplane.

Mary and Anna told the pilot and co-pilot that they were going to fly the airplane for a few minutes.  No record exists of George or Hall’s reaction to their decision to commandeer the airplane.  Neither Mary nor Anna would take no for an answer, so Mary traded places with the pilot and Anna with the co-pilot.  For a few brief minutes, the two ladies, still in dinner gowns and mink coats, flew in the skies between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, before returning to the airport.  Elated, the foursome returned to Anna’s dinner party just as the dessert course was being served.  The other patrons of the dinner party welcomed them back and continued with their own conversations.

Mary and Anna were thrilled with their flight of fancy.  No one would expect the First Lady of the United States, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, to leave a dinner party at the White House and take a flight with Mary.  Five years later, Mary and navigator Fred Noonan disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to circumnavigate the globe in an airplane.  On January 5, 1939, Amelia Mary Earhart was declared dead in absentia.           


  1. “Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt Flying from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore,” Pioneers of Flight, accessed May 17, 2022,,women’s%20and%20world%20peace%20movements.
  2. “Pilots in Evening Gowns: When Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt Took to the Skies,” A Mighty Girl, accessed May 17, 2022,

Local Student Inducted into the Order of the Engineer

Victoria Carroll of Grand Cane is among 104 students and professionals inducted this month into the Order of the Engineer.  Carroll is a senior in Engineering at Louisiana Tech University’s College of Engineering and Science (COES).

During the ceremony on May 6th, initiates received Engineer’s Rings, stainless steel rings placed on the fifth finger of the working hand as a visible symbol and reminder of their dedication to high ethical and professional standards. At the same ceremony, they voluntarily signed the Obligation of an Engineer and vowed to use their skills as engineers to serve the public with integrity and honesty.

OPPORTUNITY: NSU – Purchasing Director

Opening Date:   

Closing Date:      Continuous until filled

Salary                  Commensurate with experience

Job Type:             Unclassified

Location:              Natchitoches, Louisiana

Supplemental Information:

Northwestern State University Office of Business Affairs seeks a qualified applicant for the position of

Purchasing Director.

Review of applications will begin immediately.

To Apply:  Send letter of application, resume and complete contact information for three professionals

references to:  or submit to:

Human Resources

Northwestern State University

St. Denis Hall

Natchitoches, La 71497

The successful candidate will be subject to a background check, as a condition of employment.

Northwestern State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion,

Sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, pregnancy or parenting status, and veteran or retirement status in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies (i.e., Title IX):

       Employees/Potential Employees- Veronica M. Biscoe, EEO Officer


       Students- Reatha Cox, Dean of Students (318-357-5286)

For Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) concerns, contact the Disability Support and Tutoring Director, Randi Washington at 318-357-4460.

Additionally, Northwestern complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy & Campus Crime Statistics Act. Information about NSU’s campus security and crime statistics can be found at http;//

Full disclosure statement:  http;//

*Inquiries regarding employment application status should be made to the Human Resources Department

Telephone: 318-357-5965


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance or related field from an accredited college or university required.
  • Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in State Purchasing preferred
  • Experience with conducting complex RFP’s required
  • Understanding of Louisiana Revised Statutes regarding purchasing and ethics required.
  • Professional certification as a Procurement Buyer or Officer preferred
  • Managerial experience is essential
  • This position also requires the ability to communicate orally and through written reports with/to Subordinates, Supervisors and outside personnel.
  • Experience in operating Procurement Management Finance Software; Ellucian/Banner knowledge preferred

Job Concepts:

  • Daily supervision of all Purchasing Department staff
  • Prepare all necessary documents for bid invitation and opening in accordance with public bid laws
  • Review approval of Sole Source requests
  • Negotiate complex operating service contracts including but not limited to software agreement, property leases and marketing agreements
  • Administer University’s P-Card Program
  • Assist with month-end soft close and year-end hard close
  • Work with Business Affairs offices for invoicing, budgeting and financial related tasks
  • Other duties assigned by supervisor

Weekly Arrest Report

The following arrests were made in DeSoto Parish between May 15 – May 21, 2022, over a one week period.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

ETC… For Wednesday May 25, 2022

Clara Springs Camp said, “The May Fourth Friday Fish Fry is just around the corner. Join us on Friday, May 27th for fun, fellowship, and good food. Grand Cane Baptist Church will be our hosts for the evening.”

From the Town of Stonewall, the playground equipment is back open. They ran out of the rubber surface and will be back to do that at a later date. There will be a walkway added to the inclusive play area as well.

The Historic Grand Cane Association will hold their first night market on June 4th from 4:00 to 8:00 pm.  There will be food vendors and a DJ at the market, to be held in the city park.