Candidates qualify for October primary

The slate of candidates for the November 18, 2023, general election is set. Primary Election Day is October 14, 2023. Qualifying opened on August 8 and closed on August 10.
In Desoto, candidates qualified for the following:

BESE District 4:
Paige Hoffpauir
Stacey Melerine
Emma Shepard

State Senator District 31:
“Mike” McConathy   
 Alan Seabaugh

State Senator District 38:
Chase Jennings           
John Milkovich
Thomas A. Pressly

State Representative District 7:
“Larry” Bagley
“Tim” Pruitt

“Kenny” Gingles
Jayson Richardson

Clerk of Court
Lisa Lobrano Burson
Jeremy M. Evans
Layne Huckabay
Dean Register
Jodi Zeigler

Haus Cordray
Coday Johnston
Ricky Temple

Stacey Alexander Henderson

Police Juror District 1A:
Jimmy L. Holmes, Jr.
Zebbulon “Zebb” Rogers
Jeremy Wilson

Police Juror District1B:
Bubba Clark
Leroy Creech
Dewayne Mitchell

Police Juror District 1C:
Michael B. McFadden
Keith Parker

Police Juror District 2:
“Robby” Latham

Police Juror District 3:
Gregory “Greg” Baker

Police Juror District 4A:
Richard Fuller       
“Count” Pinkney

Police Juror District 4B:
 Jeri A. Burrell
 Donald Ray Davenport Sr.     
Cody Robbins

Police Juror District 4C:
Ernel Jones

Police Juror District 4D
 Trina Boyd-Simpson       
“Jeff” L. Heard         
Alvin “Pride and Joy” Williams

Police Juror District 5:
“Nick” Rains     
Reggie Roe

Police Juror District 6:   
Fred Jones     
Ricky McPhearson       
 Rodriguez Dale Ross

Alderman Village of South Mansfield:
Cherketha Roland

Alderman Village of Stanley:
Marsha R. McCoy

Council Member Village of Longstreet
John “Bubba” Smitherman