This & That…Wednesday, August 23

DeSoto Motorsport Park is closed until further notice due to the lack of rain in the area.

Krewe of Demeter invites you to their membership meeting Aug. 28 at 5:30pm.

Nichol’s Hunter’s Tax Free weekend will be Sept. 1 & 2. All hunting related merchandise and camo will be tax free!

Mark your calendars! The Red River Parish Rodeo will take place Sept. 15 & 16 at 7:30PM.

The Historic Grand Cane Association is hosting Dinner Night at Cook-Hill House Saturday, Sept. 16 from 4:30-6pm or 6:30-6pm. 

Red Flag Warning

From the National Weather Service:

The National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued a Red Flag Warning for Extreme Fire Weather Conditions, which is in effect from 7am to 8pm Monday.

AFFECTED AREA…for all of Northeast Texas and Northern Louisiana near and south of the Interstate 20 Corridor.

TIMING…7am Monday through 8pm Monday.

WINDS…Southeast to East winds near 10 to 15 mph with occasional higher gusts.

RELATIVE HUMIDITY…As low as 20 to 25 percent.

TEMPERATURES…from 103 to 107 degrees.

IMPACTS…Rapid ignition and spread of wildfires is possible due to persistent hot and dry conditions.


A Red Flag Warning means that extreme fire weather conditions are either occurring now, or will shortly. A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity, and dry vegetation can contribute to extreme fire behavior. Avoid all outside burning and welding today. Do not toss lit cigarette butts outside. Report wild fires to the nearest fire department or law enforcement office.

True-Blue Confessions of a Redneck Ken Doll

(This is the second and final guest column by Kenneth Sean “Ken” Carson, better known as The Ken Doll, who co-stars in the Barbie movie along with—duh! — Barbie.)

Yes, yes, for all that’s pink and blonde, go see the movie. Everyone else has.

Everyone but me.

I’m done.

No hard feelings. I’m just tired of being arm candy. Since I was born/created in 1961, the toy makers have put me in more goofy outfits than you’d see on a runway at any New York City/Tokyo/Milan fashion show.

Sure, I’m plastic. I’m a doll. But I have feelings too.

At heart, I’m a redneck. A lunch pail guy. The common clay. I’m not Fashionista Ken or Travel Ken or Tennis Ken or any of the other silly things Mattel has made me out to be over the past 60 lonely years. And I’m definitely not Dreamcamper Ken; the most primitive I like to get is a Motel 6.

I’m been enough idiotic things for Mattel the past 60 years to last several pretend lifetimes.

I mean, it’s a job. I get it. I do. And I appreciate it. And it’s been fun hanging with Barb, an absolute peach.

And yes, the plastic money’s been good.

But I’m retiring. Tired of living a lie.

Why didn’t they create me like Oppenheimer, the star of that other movie, maybe let me split the atom instead of being created as a gigolo for capitalism? Even if Barbie, my female bestie, is quite fetching, well … there’s more to me than just molded-to-perfection plastic alloys!

Oh, the humanity!

So there you have it. I tried to be Ken. And failed. Tried to go to the galas and keep up the crunches so I wouldn’t look like a Whale Doll at pool parties. Tried the surfing and the hairdos and even got a face scrape (Mattel paid for it).

Years ago I asked to be a farmer and what’d they do? They put me in a checked shirt and an apron. An APRON! And check this sales pitch for Farmer Ken from what Mattel calls Sweet Orchard Farm: “Ken doll has an adorable piglet that kids can help him tend for role-play and storytelling fun.”

What? They gave me a piglet? I’ve been on the farm on castration day more times than I’d like to remember and that’s no fun for ANYbody, especially the pigs.

You want role play? Let me be a real farmer with a hayloft and some corn and a pony. I can be a farmer/rancher. Ditch the piglet. At least give me a tractor.

Oh, and here’s the ultimate indignity for Farmer Ken, according to the box I come in: “Doll cannot stand alone.”

You see what I put up with? What am I supposed to do, sit and milk all day? That’s gonna be a hard pass for me, dog.

And the asking price? A salty $34.95. I wouldn’t pay that for me and I AM me!

Mattel said “Fine. We’ll make you a … (get this, gang) … writer. You know, with a little snapbrim hat and a trench coat and a typewriter.”

Said they’d even “throw in a piglet, like with the Farmer Ken deal.”

What’s with these people and piglets, for heavens sake?

Good grief. Please, just … no. Writers are either rail thin and alcoholic or have a pot belly and smoke a pipe and think they invented the vowels and use big words like pubescent and eschew and ebullient. I learned to write in second grade and moved on. Please just … no.

Think I’d rather be a piglet.

Contact Teddy at

Back Alley to host local favorite

Back Alley Community Theatre is proud to announce performances of ‘Mike Smith and Friends’ on Friday and Saturday, August 25 and 26, at 7:00 pm and Sunday, August 27 at 3:00.

Come listen to Mike Smith tell his story of his musical career that has lasted 40 years in DeSoto Parish. This concert will take us from Mike’s early days in music to the forming of The Dolet Hills Band, who played over 20 years in the Ark-La-Tex. The songs chosen for this concert have special meanings in Mike’s life and have always been favorite country classics.

Mike Smith is laying the guitar down, and Back Alley is the one place he chose to show his appreciation to all of his fans throughout the years. With the help of local country music star, Dennis Bell, they have put together an amazing group of musicians to bring you a show you won’t forget. It’s gonna’ be fun! Come see Mike Smith’s Last Rodeo!

Tickets will be available to purchase online for $15 at

Motorists asked to use caution as the school year resumes

Louisiana State Police would like to remind all motorists about the importance of safety in and around school zones, while driving near school buses, and when transporting a child. We urge everyone to be vigilant and follow the rules of the road to ensure the safety of all motorists and our young students. 

School Zone Safety: 

According to Louisiana law, crossing guards have authority to stop traffic or send traffic through intersections for the safety of students. Please be observant of the crossing guards and the posted speed limits in designated school zones. Be prepared for sudden stops and increased pedestrian/vehicle traffic, especially during drop-off and pick-up times. Be mindful of posted Hands-Free Zones. These particular school zones ban all drivers, even those over 18, from using a cell phone to engage in a call, read/send a text, or use social media. Lessen distractions, stay alert, and always be mindful of children in the area. 

School Bus Safety: 

When approaching a school bus with flashing red lights, from either direction, traffic must come to a complete stop at least 30 feet away from the bus. Remain stopped until the bus’s stop arm is retracted and the bus resumes motion. Be extra cautious around school buses, as children may quickly enter into the roadway unexpectedly. While many drivers can be confused when to stop for a bus when traveling in the opposite direction, a good rule of thumb is always stop unless on a four-lane road with a physical barrier, a raised median, or continuous turn lane.  

Car Seat Safety: 

Louisiana law requires children under the age of 13 to ride in the backseat of a vehicle when one is available. For younger children, rear-facing until the age of two and have outgrown the upper limits of the seat by weight or height. Children that are older and are able to face forward must utilize the internal harness to its upper limits, which on most seats that upper limit is 65 pounds. If any caregiver is ever unsure about their child’s seat installation, they are urged to contact their local State Police troop office to consult with a certified child passenger safety technician; this is always a free service. 

As a community, we must work together to keep our children safe, whether it be traveling to and from school, to afterschool activities, or work. As a driver, please stay alert and stay safe. Our future is depending on you.  

Contact Information: 
TFC Thomas Gossen               
Louisiana State Police
Troop I Public Affairs   
Office: (337) 262-5880  

2023 Farm to School Conference

The 2023 Louisiana Farm to School Conference will held October 11 from 8 am to 4 pm at the Pennington Biomedical Conference Center in Baton Rouge. The annual conference will gather participants from across the state for an opportunity to learn, celebrate, share and inspire the movement of bringing healthy, local, sustainably grown foods to the minds and plates of students in Louisiana and beyond!

The event is for all people who desire to increase access to local food and food education in their school communities. Whether you desire to start a school garden and do not know where to start, or are a seasoned advocate of local food procurement, this event is for you. Attendees can attend in-person sessions guided by farm to school champions from across the state. Sessions will focus on implementing farm to school, school gardening, child nutrition, produce safety, barriers of farm to school, educational resources, sourcing local food in schools, and success stories from current participants in farm to school from around the state. In addition, the gathering will feature a venue for networking in a relaxed, face-to-face environment, allowing participants to grow lasting connections.


Two-hour special debuts tonight on LPB spotlighting Louisiana sports legends

Tonight at 7 on Louisiana Public Broadcasting (KLTS-TV Channel 24 in Shreveport), viewers statewide can enjoy a two-hour special, “Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame: 2023 Celebration,” recapping the July 27-29 induction festivities for the LSHOF’s Class of 2023.

LPB programming is also available live at and also with the LPB App.

Two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, four-time WNBA All-Star Alana Beard, LSU football record-shattering receiver Wendell Davis and College World Series champion baseball coach Paul Mainieri are part of a star-studded 12-member group of honorees recently inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.  Beard and Davis are Shreveport natives.

This LPB sports special, produced in partnership with the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, features highlights from the July 29 induction ceremony and many of the festivities surrounding it. Also included are the induction interviews and profile stories on each of the honorees, plus a look at  the newly-added memorabilia to the Hall of Fame Museum in Natchitoches.

“As LPB serves as Louisiana’s storytellers, audiences are used to seeing LPB programs featuring our state’s people, history, and culture,” says Clarence “C.C” Copeland, LPB President and CEO.

“A walk through the Sports Hall of Fame Museum will show you that our state’s contributions to the world of sports is another story worth telling! We are excited to expand our sports programming efforts and what better opportunity than this.”

Along with tonight’s premiere, LPB will encore the show on Thursday, August 17 at 9:30 p.m. and Sunday, August 20 at 5 p.m. After the night of the broadcast premiere, the program will be available for on demand streaming for members with LPB PASSPORT – an extended membership benefit.

Along with Manning, Mainieri, Davis and Beard, the LSHOF Class of 2023 also includes New Orleans native Ron Washington, who managed the Texas Rangers to a pair of World Series appearances and helped the Atlanta Braves win the world’s championship; two-time LSU track and field USA Olympian and world champion Walter Davis; and Slidell native, Tulane great and Chicago Bears two-time Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte.

Also inducted were All-American LSU pitcher Paul Byrd, a 14-year Major League Baseball veteran who made the 1999 All-Star Game; multiple national champion and world class weightlifter Walter Imahara, a UL-Lafayette legend whose story began in a Japanese American internment camp in California during World War II; and retired Baton Rouge-Parkview Baptist baseball coach M.L. Woodruff, whose teams claimed 11 state championships.

Rounding out the Class of 2023: two transformational and highly decorated figures in Louisiana’s sports journalism field, Lafayette writer and editor Bruce Brown and longtime New Orleans Times-Picayune prep writer Lori Lyons.

Visit for more information on the Class of 2023 and all 479 people enshrined in the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame since 1958, along with information on past and upcoming LSHOF activities.

Changes coming to the State Fair

The amazing 117th year of the State Fair of Louisiana is happening October 26-November 12, 2023, and it will be a year of changes, says Interim State Fair General Manager and President Robb Brazzel. “We’re listening to fair patrons,” says Brazzel, “and they’re telling us inflation is continuing to affect their family budgets.”

“The State Fair, at its heart, is pure family entertainment,” says 2023 State Fair Board Chairman Liz Swaine. “From the rodeo to the livestock shows to the games, food, and rides, this is where families come to play. It is where great memories are made, year after year. These changes will help ensure that.”

The State Fair will continue to host its popular ‘Free ‘til Three’ on weekdays but has also made the decision to provide FREE parking for the entire run of the fair, on both weekdays and weekends. In addition to FREE entry for children two years and under will be a new $8 ticket for those children aged three-12, a $7 savings. Prior to this, children aged three-12 were only allowed in with an adult ticket.

“These changes are more of our commitment to making this a family event,” says Brazzel.
The State Fair of Louisiana has already begun talks with the Shreveport Police Department regarding enhanced security procedures at the 2023 State Fair. Everyone entering the Fair should expect to be checked and go through metal detection. There will also be visible uniformed and plain clothed security and law enforcement on site. The State Fair will be spending upwards of $200,000 during the run of the fair to ensure that it is doing all it can to make the event a wholesome, family-friendly, and safe outing.

The 2023 hours of operation for the Fair will also be changing. The new hours will be noon- 9 pm on weekdays, and 10 am- 10 pm on weekends.

It is also important to note the role that the State of Louisiana is playing in the 2023 State Fair of Louisiana. After a series of challenging years, the State Fair of Louisiana asked for the State’s assistance via State Representative Sam Jenkins. The District 2 Representative, whose district includes the State Fairgrounds, made a $600,000 State Appropriations request for the 2023 State Fair. Rep. Jenkins reached out to both the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the Speaker of the House and asked that the Appropriation be approved.

Rep. Jenkins shepherded the request from the Appropriations Committee to the floor of the House, to the Senate Finance Committee to the Senate floor where it made it into the state budget bill signed by the Governor.

“This is our State Fair,” Rep. Jenkins told us. “It’s a privilege to host it in northwest Louisiana. It provides quality of life, jobs, and economic impact. Events like these need to be saved and maintained so that they will be here for future generations. South Louisiana has so many events, but we are known as the home of the State Fair of Louisiana, and I was happy to play a role in keeping it viable.” The State Fair of Louisiana employees and Board of Directors appreciate the efforts of Rep. Jenkins, of our local delegation, the Caddo Parish Commission, City of Shreveport and a variety of sponsors and supporters who continue to advocate for the improvement and continuation of the State Fair!

Photo: Courtesy of Louisiana State Fair

Hunter’s Safety Class

The Desoto Parish Sheriff’s Office will host a Hunter’s Safety Class at the DeSoto Parish Training Facility, 120 Sprocket Lane in Grand Cane. Classes will begin Thursday, September 21 and will continue through Saturday, Sept 23. The course will be led by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and hosted by Deputy Michael Dunn and Captain Phillip Daniels.

Hunter’s Education Courses are open to persons of all ages, but only those 10 years of age or older are eligible for certification. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive Louisiana Hunter Education Certification. The classes are free, however spots are limited.

Dates and Times:
Thurs. Sept 21 – Fri. Sept 22 6 pm – 9 pm
Sat. Sept 23 8 am – 12 pm

For more information contact Captain Phillip Daniels at 318.401.3017.

To Register, go to and choose “Register Now” on the top-right of the page.


ETC…For Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Stroll Down Main in Grand Cane will be held on Friday, Aug 18 from 7 – 9 pm. Shops will be open—rain or shine!

The Stonewall Branch of the DeSoto Parish Library has a new Book Club! Coffee, Cookies, Books will be held the second Thursday of every month at 2 pm.

Spend a fun-filled Saturday evening at the NSU Athletic Scholarship Auction supporting student-athletes that have chosen to compete as NSU Demons. Meet student-athletes, coaches, and staff from all sports while bidding on unique auction items. Auction is this Saturday, Aug 19 at the Natchitoches Event Center. The fun begins at 5 pm. Call 318.357.4560 for more information or to purchase tickets. FORK ‘EM!
Three grant opportunities are now available from Keep Louisiana Beautiful. Greener Grounds grant was created to support large outdoor events such as festivals and fairs while implementing the best practices for litter prevention and waste management. The Beautification grant aims to fund the creation of beautiful, well-maintained gardens and plantings to promote community pride. The Trash Receptacle grant helps reduce litter in public spaces by providing high quality trash receptacles in communities. You can learn more at

Notice of Death – August 15, 2023

Mary “Louise” Trader
October 12, 1938 – August 11, 2023
Service: Wednesday, August 16 at 2 pm at Bethel Congregational Methodist Church, Pleasant Hill

Francis Stuart “Boogie” Laffitte
August 6, 1946 – August 13, 2023
Service: Thursday, August 17 at 11 am at Roseneath Funeral Home, Mansfield

Rita Beth Mangham Wood
February 25, 1941 – August 14, 2023
Service: Friday, August 18 at 10 am at Rose Neath Funeral Home in Coushatta

Roberta J Williams
Service: Friday, August 18 at 10 am at East Point Mount Zion B.C. in Coushatta

Timothy Garland “Timmy” Rogers, Sr.
November 25, 1971 – August 12, 2023
Service: Saturday, August 19 at 2 pm at Rose Neath Funeral Home in Mansfield

Candidates qualify for October primary

The slate of candidates for the November 18, 2023, general election is set. Primary Election Day is October 14, 2023. Qualifying opened on August 8 and closed on August 10.
In Desoto, candidates qualified for the following:

BESE District 4:
Paige Hoffpauir
Stacey Melerine
Emma Shepard

State Senator District 31:
“Mike” McConathy   
 Alan Seabaugh

State Senator District 38:
Chase Jennings           
John Milkovich
Thomas A. Pressly

State Representative District 7:
“Larry” Bagley
“Tim” Pruitt

“Kenny” Gingles
Jayson Richardson

Clerk of Court
Lisa Lobrano Burson
Jeremy M. Evans
Layne Huckabay
Dean Register
Jodi Zeigler

Haus Cordray
Coday Johnston
Ricky Temple

Stacey Alexander Henderson

Police Juror District 1A:
Jimmy L. Holmes, Jr.
Zebbulon “Zebb” Rogers
Jeremy Wilson

Police Juror District1B:
Bubba Clark
Leroy Creech
Dewayne Mitchell

Police Juror District 1C:
Michael B. McFadden
Keith Parker

Police Juror District 2:
“Robby” Latham

Police Juror District 3:
Gregory “Greg” Baker

Police Juror District 4A:
Richard Fuller       
“Count” Pinkney

Police Juror District 4B:
 Jeri A. Burrell
 Donald Ray Davenport Sr.     
Cody Robbins

Police Juror District 4C:
Ernel Jones

Police Juror District 4D
 Trina Boyd-Simpson       
“Jeff” L. Heard         
Alvin “Pride and Joy” Williams

Police Juror District 5:
“Nick” Rains     
Reggie Roe

Police Juror District 6:   
Fred Jones     
Ricky McPhearson       
 Rodriguez Dale Ross

Alderman Village of South Mansfield:
Cherketha Roland

Alderman Village of Stanley:
Marsha R. McCoy

Council Member Village of Longstreet
John “Bubba” Smitherman

Notice of Death – August 10, 2023

Timothy “Scoop” Larry Steadman
July 12, 1961 — August 2, 2023
Service: Friday, August 11, 2023, at 10 am at Roseneath Funeral Home, Many.

The DeSoto Parish Journal publishes “Remembrances of Loved Ones” with unlimited words and a photo, as well as unlimited access – $70. The Remembrance will be included in the emails sent to subscribers.  Contact your funeral provider or Must be paid in advance of publication.

DPSB approves bond measures

During its August 3 meeting, the DeSoto Parish School Board unanimously approved placing bond measures in Districts 1 (Logansport) and 2 (North DeSoto) on the ballot for the upcoming November election. These measures for capital improvements are aimed at addressing the evolving needs of both communities while continuing to provide exceptional educational experiences for students in a safe, secure, and modern environment. 

A recent five-year enrollment projection for the DeSoto Parish School Board found that there is continued growth expected for the North DeSoto area and stable enrollment expected for Logansport as the area continues to grow and see new residents.

In District 1, Logansport High School, the $23 million building bond proposal is focused on safety, security, and modernization of current facilities. The plan proposes a central corridor to be created to provide consistency across our schools and give a sense of pride and community while providing an increased element of security. The plan would also impact the football stadium, create a new space for the band, and provide upgrades to the current gymnasium.

Learn more about the Logansport Bond Plan

In District 2, North DeSoto Schools, the $130 million bond proposal proposes construction of a new North DeSoto High School, a state-of-the-art facility that will provide ample space for learning and accommodate growth, modern amenities and cutting-edge resources to foster an exceptional educational experience. 

Learn more about the North DeSoto Bond Plan

Election day is Saturday, November 18 with early voting beginning on November 3. Registered voters in each district will be able to participate in the election for their respective proposals. 

DeSoto Parish Schools is obligated to provide factual information about the bond proposals and cannot advocate for or against their passage. More information will be shared via the district and school websites and social media channels throughout the process to allow voters to make an informed decision at the polls.  

DeSoto Sheriff App has new feature for students

Sheriff Jayson Richardson welcomes all students and faculty back to school! He shared, “We are so very fortunate as a parish to have a School Resource Deputy on every campus to ensure the safety and security of our loved ones. Even more, these Resource Deputies care about your kids and love spending time with them daily.”

To help make schools more secure the sheriff’s office has added a new feature to the DeSoto Sheriff App called “Send a Tip to Your SRO!” Through this feature, students can send information directly to their SRO with just a tap of a button, to share critical info that may help to keep students safe.

To download the app, search your Google Play or Apple App Store for “DeSoto Parish Sheriff.”

Logansport Touchdown Club holds inaugural kickoff dinner

The Inaugural Logansport Touchdown Club Kickoff dinner and auction was held on Saturday Aug. 5 at the RB4 Event Center. The goal of the event was to bring the community together for a night of fun, food, and fellowship while raising funds for the football program as they prepare to kickoff, what they hope is a long and successful 2023 season! It was a huge success.

The night began with a meet and greet hour, raffle, and silent auction followed by dinner served by the Tiger coaching staff and their wives. After dinner, the event was highlighted by a live auction that brought an abundance of cheers, laughs and entertainment. The night was capped off with a DJ, some dancing and even a little karaoke.

The community of Logansport really came out and showed their support, reaching far beyond the Touchdown Club and Coach Magee’s expectations of the event in its first year. The Touchdown Club and the LHS football program would like to thank everyone that contributed, donated, assisted, and helped with any part of the event, for it was truly a community effort.

Coach Magee is excited about the upcoming season and can’t wait to see the stands packed on Friday nights. Season tickets are still available. If you would like to become a member of the Touchdown Club or purchase a field sign, contact President Monica Cason.

Mark your calendars, the 2nd Annual Touchdown Club Kickoff Dinner is already on the calendar. It will be held on Aug. 3, 2024.

ALTAC hosting annual meeting

The Ark-LA-Tex Agricultural Council will host its annual meeting and fun auction Thursday, Aug. 17 at 6 pm at the Dave Means 4-H Building in Grand Cane. Items on the agenda will include the financial report, review of the 2022 Jr Livestock sale, and introduction of the 2023-24 ALTAC scholarship recipients. A meal will be provided by the DeSoto Parish Livestock Club. For more information call 318.987.3769.

Statewide burn ban issued

Due to the extremely dry conditions statewide and the concern over first responder safety in these dangerously high temperatures, State Fire Marshal Dan Wallis, along with Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, has issued a statewide cease and desist order for all private burning, pursuant to authority under R.S. 40:1602.

Private burning shall only be allowed by permission of the local fire department or local government.

This order is effective as of 5:00 p.m., August 7, 2023, and shall remain in effect until rescinded.
This ban shall not apply to prescribed burns by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, by those trained and certified by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, or by those who conduct prescribed burning as a “generally accepted agriculture practice” as defined by the Louisiana Right to Farm Law (R.S. 3:3601 et seq.).

The use of barbeque grills, fire pits and small campfires for brief, recreational purposes are allowed and not affected by the burn ban.

Violation of this Fire Marshal order could result in criminal and/or civil penalties.

Valley of the (Ken) Dolls

It’s ain’t easy being me these days. My little plastic phone has been ringing off the hook lately with interview requests because of the Barbie movie.

Being a Big Star takes its toll, even when you have plastic hair. Well … plastic EVERY thing.

Most of you know my story. Kenneth Sean “Ken” Carson, better known as The Ken Doll. “Created” in 1961 and still look like I could get a date to the prom, no prob. Sidekick of the inspirational, wonderful, and fetching Barbie. And yes, since you’re wondering and since I’m asked 847 times a day, in real life she’s exactly as she is in real fake life.

She’s a peach. A pink peach.

Lately, you can’t swing a cat or go by a water cooler without hearing talk of Barbie. Yes, I co-starred. Yes, they paid me a bunch of money. Yes, I wear a “I Am Ken(ough)” T-shirt sometimes — and I wear it well. Told I’m a scene-stealer — DUH! — but of course it’s Barbie, the blue-eyed stunner, who everyone is talking about. She’s the REAL Blonde Bomber. (Take a seat, Terry Bradshaw.)

The movie’s good — so I hear. Haven’t seen it. Don’t like looking at myself on screen. Don’t like people coming in late and talking on their cell phones like they’re in their den. Don’t like paying 35 bucks for popcorn.

Whatever happened to a good ol’ night at the movies?, now upended by the one or two oddballs who act as if they’re sitting on their couch in their underwear, entitled to be as loud and unsettling as they please with no regard to the other people around them who’ve dropped a 20 to enjoy a show in peace and cinematic quiet.

Looo-sers! Ken(ough) has had enough.

BUT, as someone who is actually in the movie, I can report that Barbie is a meaningful and unique piece of art that spends plenty of time poking fun at itself. Barbie and her friends offer up plenty of situations to spark meaningful conversations among modern moviegoers, both Barbies and Kens, and that the “feel” you get is that, while pink is her signature color, Barbie is not above learning that there’s enough pink to go around for everybody.

If you go to enjoy a stylistically modern movie that takes a worldly view of female empowerment and offers a pink convertible-full of nostalgia, you’ll enjoy it. If you go expecting The Ten Commandments or a fiery stance on toxic masculinity, you’ll likely be disappointed.

I’m a Ken wise enough to know already that women retired The Strongest Sex trophy decades ago. Don’t need a movie to tell me that. But who’s asking me, right?

So please, for fun, go see it. (I get a cut of ticket sales, after all.) Enjoy it for you and enjoy it for me. In the unique situation of being All-Kenned-Out, I’ll wait here, and next week I’ll tell you why in The True-Blue Confessions of a Redneck Ken Doll.

Contact Teddy at

US Congressman Mike Johnson speaks on Farm Bill

US Rep Mike Johnson visited DeSoto and Red River parishes on Tuesday, Aug. 8 to discuss the issues facing farmers, small business owners and our agriculture industry. He spoke in depth about the Farm Bill and how it affects our local area.

The United States addresses agricultural and food policy through a variety of programs. Including nutrition assistance, crop insurance, commodity support and conservation. Much of the legal framework for agricultural and food policy is set through a legislative process that occurs approximately every 5 years. The current farm law, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Act) remains in force through 2023.

The audiences included crop farmers, cattle farmers, Ag lenders, LSU Ag Center staff and other interested stakeholders. Many voiced their concern at the drastic cuts to agricultural funding included in the 2024 agriculture appropriations bill. Johnson assured the audience that Louisiana farmers are well-represented in this year’s Farm Bill negotiations.

Dr. Jones highlights good news and challenges in address to faculty, staff

Northwestern State University President Dr. Marcus Jones addressed the upcoming academic year’s highlights and challenges during the university’s Faculty Institute and faculty/staff lunch on Monday. The annual event provides an opportunity for the president to deliver a State of the University address directly to faculty and staff. While Jones’ remarks outlined positive developments at the university, he also acknowledged the challenges the university is facing and how they will be addressed.

“To remain competitive in the landscape of higher education, we continue to place a high value on career readiness, learner goals, and the individual pursuits of our students,” Jones said. “Providing an education of enduring value and creating gainful employment opportunities for our students in Louisiana and beyond is of utmost importance.”

Jones said NSU’s three priorities regarding students are to stay career-focused on academics, provide critical skills that address workforce needs, and provide an enriching student experience. He shared results from a recent economic impact study, which reported that the university contributes $520 million to the regional economy and supports the creation of 7,200 jobs in the region or one out of every 53 jobs in northwestern and central Louisiana.

“Outside of the classroom, NSU is proud to be a driving force for economic growth, job creation, and development in our region. These benefits are real and measurable,” Jones said.

Earlier this year, the Louisiana legislature approved a 2 percent pay raise for faculty at public universities in the state, sourced from the governor’s budget. NSU is also slated to receive $65.1 million in capital outlay funding for several infrastructure projects. Funding for faculty raises and capital outlay projects are not part of the university’s operating budget.

Over the past year, the NSU Foundation secured $6.6 million in contributions, a 15 percent increase in giving to the university, and secured $5 million in increased private grant funding, including contributions from industry partners. The Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development received a combined $11 million in grants to support initiatives that include the child welfare training academy, the child and family network, and career exploration in the high demand fields of psychology, addiction studies, social work, nursing, and allied health.

However, due to declining enrollment, the university is facing revenue shortfalls, prompting strategic preparations to address this issue.

“Educational institutions throughout Louisiana and the nation have been expecting a decrease in the number of high school graduates and traditional college-age students,” Jones said. “This trend has been aggravated by the lasting effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Current job market demands have created attractive short-term opportunities for college-age individuals to enter the workforce instead of pursuing higher education.”

“It’s crucial to acknowledge the trials that lie ahead,” Jones said. “Some key aspects of our near-term operations, such as fiscal year budgeting and Fall 2023 enrollment data, are yet to be finalized. However, it is evident that we will be confronting a significant operating deficit.”

To address the shortfall, Jones said the university will reevaluate personnel and operating budgets, place a pause on new hires for vacant positions, and eliminate positions through attrition (retirements) while nurturing the existing talent pool.

The university will utilize 50 percent of its reserve funds to soften the financial blow, but future personnel reductions may be necessary, he added. Addressing the revenue shortfall and budget gap will follow six guiding principles.

“As a campus community, we will remain committed to our fundamental mission as a public regional university in northwest Louisiana, while dedicating our efforts to achieving financial stability and organizational resilience; prioritize the needs of our students and their educational experience; develop and invest in strategies that manage costs and result in savings and revenue growth; utilize data-driven strategies and continuously monitor their efficacy, leverage the creative thinking and recommendations of NSU stakeholders across campus, community, and alumni base; and prioritize a decision-making approach that is inclusive, equitable and transparent to the campus community.”

Jones said that while robust recruiting efforts and improved marketing initiatives are expected to impact future enrollment, positive interaction and the daily efforts of faculty and staff to serve students and provide assistance are crucial to student retention.

“I take great pride in the work we have accomplished and have full confidence in our ability to sustain our progress despite the obstacles we encounter,” Jones said. “I thank you in advance for joining hands with us in this vital endeavor. Together, we can make a significant impact and steer our institution towards an even brighter future.”

Fall classes at Northwestern State will begin Aug. 14. Registration via NSUConnect is available through Aug. 13. Late registration will continue through Aug. 22. Data on enrollment should be available by Aug. 29. Registration information is available at

Remember This?: OMG!

In what we know as the technology age, many of us use slang and shortened version of words called acronyms on social media and in text messages.  Some claim that the abbreviations save time, while others, myself included, have to spend time searching online for possible meanings of acronyms such as BTAIM, ELI5, FOMO, and TBBH.  We almost have to be codebreakers to decipher the messages. Here are some of the more popular acronyms:

BRB – Be Right Back

BTW – By the Way

DYK – Do You Know or Did You Know

HBD – Happy Birthday

IDC – I Don’t Care

IDK – I Don’t Know

IMO – In My Opinion

JK – Just Kidding

LTB – Looking to Buy

LOL – Laugh Out Loud

OMG – Oh My God! or Oh My Gosh!

Using only acronyms, one person wrote the following:

“GAS 2U!




If you received this message, would you be able to determine its meaning?  Here is a translation:

Greetings and Salutations to you!

Don’t quote me on this, but seriously folks I don’t know who cares anyway to text with lists of acronyms.  In your opinion, it’s easy and pretty darn quick… I don’t think so. In my humble opinion, an acronym-rich environment is another day in hell. To be honest. It’s *fouled* up beyond all recognition and too much to handle. Give it a rest, please! Keep it simple, stupid.

Just my two cents.


Many acronyms were created for use with social media and texting in mind.  One of the most popular acronyms is OMG.  So popular is this acronym that it has entered the English and foreign languages as its own independent word.  It has entered our popular culture.  Television programs and films occasionally show youngish kids in the coolest clothes of the era saying something shocking followed by OMG!  When more emphasis is needed, they say Ooooooo Mmmmmmm Ggggggg!

Here is another letter which includes just one acronym:

“My Dear Friend,

I am here for a few days longer before rejoining my “Wise men” at Victory House— “The World forgetting, By the World Forgot!” but some Headlines in the newspapers have utterly upset me!  Terrible!!  The German Fleet to assist the Land operations in the Baltic.  Landing the German Army South of Reval.  We are five times stronger at Sea than our enemies and here is a small Fleet that we could gobble up in a few minutes playing the great vital Sea part of landing an Army in the enemies’ rear and probably capturing the Russian Capital by Sea!  This is “Holding the ring” with a vengeance!  Are we really incapable of a big Enterprise?  I heard that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis—O.M.G. (Oh! My God!)—Shower it on the Admiralty!!




 The writer felt that the reader would probably not understand the acronym, so he defined it in parenthesis.  It was in this letter, dated September 9, 1917, that the first known usage of the acronym OMG appeared, well before what we know as the technological age, several decades before the invention of the internet, social media, and text messages.  The first person to receive an OMG was future British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Source: “OMG! The First Time Someone Used the Phrase “OMG”!” HuffPost, 6 Aug. 2012, Accessed 6 Aug. 2023.

ETC… for August 9, 2023

Headrick’s Drug Store reminds everyone that back-to-school season is the perfect time to ensure you and your loved ones are up to date with immunizations. August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Celebrate it by running by your local pharmacy and getting vaccinated.

South DeSoto Water System is under a Boil Advisory while leaks are being repaired. For any further questions or concerns reach out to your utility provider.

The DeSoto Parish Republican Party will hold their monthly meeting on Aug. 17 at the RB4 Center at 12pm. Tim Temple Insurance Commissioner candidate will be the guest speaker. A meal will be served consisting of chicken breast, green beans and potatoes and will cost $15. RSVP if you plan to go.
DeSoto 4-H will host a back-to-school ice cream social Saturday, Aug 19 at 1pm at the Dave Means 4-H Barn. Come kick off a groovy school year.

Christopher Bush, Principal of Logansport High School, hosted the 2024 Senior Class to a Monday morning breakfast at the LHS football field. Rep. Larry Bagley and Sheriff Jayson Richardson also spoke with the students. Parents, teachers and the community were on hand to wish the seniors a great year.

Notice of Death – August 8, 2023

Rosemary Huff
September 6, 1932 — August 5, 2023
Service: Wednesday, August 9, 2023, 10 am at Highland Cemetery

Tommie Joe “TJ” Hester
August 11, 1934 — August 2, 2023
Service: Wednesday, August 9, 2023, 9 am at Forest Park West Cemetery 

The DeSoto Parish Journal publishes “Remembrances of Loved Ones” with unlimited words and a photo, as well as unlimited access – $70. The Remembrance will be included in the emails sent to subscribers.  Contact your funeral provider or Must be paid in advance of publication.