Logansport Bond Proposal

Concept Rendering of football stadium

During their August 3 meeting, the DeSoto Parish School Board unanimously approved a resolution to call an election for November 18, 2023 for two parts of the district. Logansport (District No. 1) will consider a bond proposal for capital improvements in the November 2023 election.

The $23 million building bond proposal is focused on safety, security, and modernization of current facilities. While Logansport has seen some upgrades over the past few years, there are areas that are desperately in need of updates including the stadium, gymnasium, band room, and more.
Safety and security upgrades are needed to limit access points to the school and create better access control. A central corridor will be created to provide consistency across the schools in the district and give a sense of pride and community spaces, while providing an increased element of security, as well as creating modernized and innovative spaces to serve the students and the community.

Logansport has used portable classrooms to serve different programs and the plan creates new spaces to bring those programs into the actual facility, eliminating the need for mobile classrooms and improving safety, security, and programming for the young learner programs including birth to two, three-year-old preschool, and staff offices.

The plan would impact the football stadium, parts of which were built in 1952 and moved to the current location in 1995. The proposal to upgrade the stadium has been a community priority that has been brought up more and more in recent years. While LHS is proud to have state of the art equipment in some parts of the stadium, there are areas that need attention due to ADA compliance, the need for improved restrooms, concessions, seating, and parking areas.

The plan also impacts the band program, creating a new space for the band by renovating an existing space that is larger, better for sound, and closer to the field. Additionally, the proposal would also provide upgrades to the current gymnasium with an updated facade, modern look, and an expanded lobby to accommodate events. Plans to upgrade the gymnasium were developed in recent years but were put on hold due to high bid prices.

The cost to the taxpayer depends on the value of your home. For example, a $200,000 home in District No. 1 (Logansport) with a homestead exemption of $75,000 would have an adjusted taxable value of $125,000 which would be assessed at 10%. The increase from a millage rate of 1.6 to 13.15 would result in an annual increase of $144.38 per year or $12.03 per month.

All eligible registered voters residing in District No. 1 (Logansport) are eligible to vote in the November election. Important dates are below:
• In-person / By Mail Registration Deadline — Oct. 18
• Geaux Vote Online Registration Deadline — Oct. 28
• Early Voting Starts — Nov. 3
• Early Voting Ends — Nov. 11
• Deadline to Request a Mail Ballot — Nov. 14
• Deadline for Mail Ballots to be Received — Nov. 17
• Election Day — Saturday, Nov. 18

If you have any questions about the proposal, contact the DeSoto Parish School Board via email at questions@desotopsb.com.

Source: DeSoto Parish School Board (www.desotopsb.com)