Can we put a price tag on our family and friends?

I voted today! I normally don’t publicly talk about politics. However, the Logansport High School proposition is very important to people. The most important people are the ones that can’t vote!

Safety is of the utmost importance in this tax. When that school was built (at least 25 years ago because I’ve been here 25) safety of students and staff was not in the plans. The school is WIDE OPEN! Yes, doors can be locked in and out but the campus itself is open. Unless you want to see razor wire (that is probably an embellishment ) we need to vote FOR this!

The 2 grands that I have in school do not go there, they are blessed to attend where their mother teaches, but I have nieces and friends that teach and great nieces and nephews that attend or will attend that will be affected by this. Yes! I am a landowner in this parish. Yes we pay a lot of taxes. Can we put a price tag on our family and friends?

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