A Festive Time

Last Saturday the merchants of Grand Cane put on their Autumn Market.  Merchants the Journal spoke with termed it a great success.

Rhonda Cox, owner of 4C Coffee House said, “We drew about 30 vendors from all over.  Some came from about 50 miles.  And the street was filled with folks shopping.”

Down the street from the coffee house is Gloria’s Sweet and Sassy.  There the Journal talked with owner Donna Tingle.  “It’s refreshing to see everyone enjoying themselves,” said Tingle.  She added, “They were learning more about Grand Cane as they shopped.  The visitors and vendors were so friendly.”

Both Cox and Tingle have reason to celebrate.  Not only was it a great Autumn Market but all of the buildings on the street are fully occupied.  Cox said, “We had the grand opening of The Loft on Saturday, and another merchant is preparing their space to open soon.”