Stonewall Town Council Meeting

On Tuesday night the Stonewall Town Council amended ordinances setting standards for nonresidential structures visible from Hwy 171 and Hwy 3276.  One business owner along Hwy 171 expressed concerns that the changes may not be enough.

Chris Hemingway of Hemingway Collision commented, “I have millions invested.  We have a lot of value out there.  We see the dump.”  He was seeking information on the effect the changes would have on businesses that wanted to build or remodel.

Council member Crystal Walsh said, “Some businesses were coming in and not even wanting to meet the standards in place.  They wanted to do other things.  That was the reason for increasing the standards.”

After discussion, the town council pass the amendments to the ordinances.  Mayor Randy Rodgers advised Hemingway to come back later and work on further revisions to the ordinances.

The Town Council also approved allowing the Boy Scouts to use the Home Economics building.  The scouts had been looking for a place to meet.  During discussion it was said that the scouts would like to paint and decorate the building.  Also mentioned was starting a Cub Scout Pack which could also meet in that building.  The council approved the resolution to allow the scouts to get a new home.

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