Hotspots Available At The Library

The DeSoto Parish Library has established a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot lending program to provide patrons in our community with temporary and portable high-speed internet access from anywhere that receives the carrier’s cellular signal.

The check-out box includes ports for 5 devices at one time; a case; cords and instructions. All items must be returned into its original check-out location (please do not use the drop box). 

Patrons, in good standings with the DeSoto Parish Library system can reserve one Hotspot per month for up to 7 days in advance, with staff-approved exceptions. You will be required to check the device out in person, complete and sign a Wireless Hotspot Borrowing Agreement to have on file at the DeSoto Parish Library. Checkouts are for 14 days. (Limit one per household).

Internet content filtering is provided through the Wireless Hotspot service provider but cannot guarantee all inappropriate content will be filtered out. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring with their children access via the Wireless Hotspot. Parents/Guardians may check out a Hotspot for those under 18.

For more information, contact Mansfield Main Library 872-6100; Logansport Branch Library 697-2311; Pelican Branch Library 755-2353 or Stonewall Branch Library 925-9191.