Compliments For Deputies

From the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office

No one signs up to be in the spotlight, but moral is very important when you work among such tragic cases daily.  We feel that it is important that our deputies and call takers see that their actions, no matter how great or small, are appreciated and can positively affect lives even in the darkest of moments. 

Recently the Sheriff’s Department received from a message from a mother regarding an incident that happened back in July where a life was tragically taken too soon.  She gave her permission to share her story with you.

Dy. Jason Goff of 911 took the call and walked the young woman through CPR until Dy. Travis Chelette and Dy. Charla McLeod arrived on the scene.  While this tragic situation ended with the loss of a young woman’s life, the professionalism and compassion displayed on that night makes us proud of all three.  Each of them offers continued prayers for this family.

Another compliment came in for deputies who stopped to help a motorist.  That is the subject of the second item.

If you have had a positive encounter with a First Responder in our area, whether it be DPSO, MPD, EMS, FIRE, or DISPATCHER ….please let us know in the DeSoto Sheriff App by clicking on the “Compliment” feature!