ALTAC Livestock Sale

By Nicole Tull

DeSoto Parish took a great deal of pride in this year’s 2021 ALTAC Livestock Sale at the State Fair of Louisiana. Our very own Johnny May was honored this year. He has been a driving force in DeSoto Parish’s 4-H livestock for many decades. Being a contributor and encourager has blown wind into the sails of many children through the years enabling them to exhibit their livestock with pride.
DeSoto Parish boasts of many other contributors that made it possible for children of many parishes to show their animals. The 2021 total contributions from our humble parish were an astonishing $114,750.00. The contributors are as follows:
Kenneth Martin; Lovic Wren; D&J Ranch – The Ashley Family; Dees Gardner, CPAs, LLC; Dean Register; Ronald Register; Register Brothers LLC; DeSoto Parish Chamber; of Commerce (Frank and Espy Moran; Johnny and Vi May; Bierden Construction; Charles and Susan Adams; Community Bank of Louisiana; John & Kathy Terrell; Maloney’s Barber Shop; Judge Amy Burford McCartney; Charlie’s Feed and Fertilizer;  Janice Burford; Travis Whitfield in memory of Marjorie & Foster Shuler; Desoto Warehouse; Adams Superior Services; Rep. Larry Bagley; Phillis Howe; Dudley and Melanie Glenn; French Financial Group; Ideal Commercial Printing; Jimmy Martin from IHOP; McKee Williams; Edward Gorman; Jones Electric; McFerren Estate; Adams Ford Company). 

The total contributions received by all 2021 exhibitors was $418,865.00, while DeSoto Parish exhibitors was $22,000. The DeSoto Parish exhibitors that made us proud were Hayden Hardy – sheep; Jenna Bamburg – sheep; Adilee Register – swine; Stanley FFA – Grand Champion Metal Project in Ag Mechanics – for their box stand. There was quite a cheering section for Adilee Register as many of her classmates came along to the fairgrounds to show their support.