Now It Is All clear

Businesses and residents may safely resume normal operations at this time.  That update from the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office came at 7:10pm Tuesday night.

Tuesday afternoon the public was alerted to a potentially dangerous situation.  SAFETY ALERT:  MANSFIELD, DIVISION ST. AREA

ALERT IN MANSFIELD:  Deputies and MPD are currently in the area of Division and Church Street searching for a potentially armed and dangerous suspect.  Expect a large police presence.  DESOTO SHERIFF IS ASKING anyone in the area near division and church streets to please go inside and secure your home at this time. Further details may be provided at a later time.

At 5:38 pm this update was issued:

UPDATED (5:38pm) – DESOTO SHERIFF and MPD will continue to be a large presence patrolling this area throughout the night. Deputies are looking for an armed, white male subject, who was last seen in the Division/Church Street area.  No further details regarding this case will be available tonight but may be available at a later date.  In the event an arrest is made, we will update the public immediately via our Sheriff App and Facebook pages. If anyone sees suspicious behavior that matches the above details, please contact 911 immediately. 

Then at 7:10 pm the Sheriff’s Office reported they had their suspect.  They issued an all clear telling the public they could resume normal operations.

Investigators with DeSoto Sheriff’s Office currently have a person of interest in custody. As this investigation continues, patrol deputies will remain in the area throughout the night.  We may have further information to provide on Wednesday.