First Responder & Deputy Compliments

Nothing brings us more joy than to be able to share a positive story about another agency in DeSoto Parish.  DeSoto EMS received a compliment from a mother in our Parish.  At the time, she did not know who the responders were, but after some digging, we were able to track them down!  

From DeSoto Sheriff to DeSoto EMS….we thank you for your hard work and dedication and thank you again to the citizen who shared their story with us!

Another compliment was received by the Sheriff’s Office last week.

Last week, we shared some positive feedback from the public regarding Dy. Montgomery and Sgt. Dunn.  Shortly after, we received more great news via the Sheriff App regarding Dy. Montgomery, this time accompanied by Cpl. Minor!  We are grateful for the commitment of service shown towards our citizens by Dy. Jasmine Montgomery and Cpl. Jimmie Minor!

We would love to hear of your positive experiences with a First Responder whether it be DPSO, MPD, FIRE, EMS, or 911!  If you have a positive story regarding an experience with a First Responder, please send them to us!  You can do so in the DeSoto Sheriff App, or email