New President Installed By Logansport Chamber

Story and photo by Nicole Tull

The Logansport Chamber of Commerce had their monthly meeting at the Logansport Library Monday evening, November 15th. There was an installation of new officers. Mark Armstrong passed the baton to James Walker as the new president. Mr. Armstrong will remain involved with the Chamber but will be working diligently with the American Legion as it has just started up again in Logansport.

Mr. Walker hit the ground running with suggestions of new ideas for the coming year. Some of the ideas mentioned were a newsletter to keep information fresh and a brochure to advertise area business and churches, festivals and events. 

There are several members from across the river as Joaquin does not have a City Chamber of Commerce. Logansport and Haslam/Joaquin areas have a good working relationship for the betterment of both sides of the river. There is much dependence from each community for the others’ needs. There has been success in the past with the two cities forming alliances. The bridge is all in lights for Christmas, symbolic of bridging the gap between the states.

As the group dined over Beth Walker’s chili with all the fixin’s, there was much discussion concerning regular business and the upcoming events at hand. The Christmas festival is slated for this weekend and the area businesses are prepped and ready.

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating Mardi Gras. The ladies in charge of those festivities are in full swing getting the parade in order. They announced the royalty for the 2022 year: King Jayson Richardson, Queen Tammy Thomas, and Princess Joye Malone. The Mardi Gras parade will be February 12 at 6:00 pm, so mark your calendars to attend.