Santa Stops at Stonewall

By Labetha Casey

Santa made an appearance at the Stonewall Municipal Complex on December 22 to get those last minute requests from the children before he makes his rounds on Christmas Eve.  The event was sponsored by the Stonewall Town Hall.  Janice Davis, Stonewall Code Enforcement Officer, was kept busy making hot chocolate to serve the guests and Terry Smith, with the Town of Stonewall Maintenance Department, handed out delicious cookies.

When asked how he arrived with no snow on the ground for his sleigh to glide upon, Santa responded, “It’s magical, but the Sheriff flew me in on the helicopter and we landed on the helipad behind the building.”  There was a bit of disturbance when DPSO Deputy Randy Woodle pulled out his handcuffs to arrest Santa for impersonation.  However, Stonewall Town Clerk, Shree Young, stepped in and assured Deputy. Woodle that this is indeed the REAL Santa.  Whew!! That was good news for all of the children that Santa would not be in jail and would still be able to deliver gifts on time with no interruptions.

Fortunately, no children were present when the arrest attempt was made.”  I don’t want anyone to think anyone was trying to traumatize the children.  Haha!

Santa’s youngest guest was Jonathan Harvey, who is five months old.  Jonathan is too young to recite his wish list, so Santa must try to decide the contents of that list.  But Santa will get it figured out.  After all, Santa knows EVERYTHING!!