New Coach Speaks To Mansfield Rotary Club

By Van Reech

The regularly scheduled meeting Of the Mansfield Rotary Club lunch on 3/02/22 at the Mansfield Female College Museum featured guest speaker and new Mansfield High School head football coach, Darrell Barbay. 

Coach Barbay was educated at Newton High School in southwestern Louisiana.  He comes to us from Jasper High School in Jasper, Texas where he was the Head Coach for many years. 

Coach Barbay has had a winning record everywhere he has coached and attributes his success to commitment and communication.  Coach Barbay was a breath of fresh air as he told of being excited to be here and being impressed with the facilities and the attitude of the young men at Mansfield High School. 

Barbay said, “I will be instituting a new training and strength-building program combined with an approved nutrition program.  The successful schools that I coached in Texas all did this and it will help Mansfield be a winner, too.”