Stonewall Mayoral Candidates Forum

The candidates for Mayor of Stonewall met over lunch with voters last Thursday.  The event was sponsored by the parish Republican party.

Incumbent Mayor Randy Rogers spoke first.  He recalled his first days in office and the opportunity he had to shadow the prior mayor for a few weeks to learn the job.  It was a rocky start, said Rogers, “Before I was installed a town councilman resigned.  We filled that position.  Then someone got elected to the Police Jury and we had to fill his spot.”

One of his first challenges dealt with streets. Rogers said, “At my first Town Council meeting a lady came in needing street work. I don’t recall details, but we got it rebuilt.”  And he said there were always streets that needed work.  “We will put out bids March 31st for Hall Road to be overlaid by the parish.  We’re just waiting on the weather.”

Another accomplishment Rogers cited was over $69,000 in repairs and painting at the Stonewall Community Center.  “A hailstorm had messed up the roof,” said Rogers “And it was replaced along with work on adjoining buildings.”

Rogers opponent is Ken Kaffka, a longtime resident of Stonewall.  Kaffka began, “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity of serving this community and its people for over 30 years working for UPS.”  Kaffka recalled first moving to town 32 years ago and living in a trailer park.  “We moved into a house in 1999 and have been there since,” added Kaffka.

He said his two children graduated from local schools in 1995 and 1999.  He recalled his involvement with the North Desoto Booster Club and all kinds of functions for kids.

And Kaffka said he has been involved with the local fire department.  He said, “I was a volunteer fireman almost 30 years, I was on the fire board for the past 13 years, and I have done EMT work too.”

As for the future, Kaffka said he would continue with the projects now on the books.  “I have seen problems with roads as a member of the fir department.  And I will continue with intersection improvement projects,” he added.

Kaffka concluded, “We’re still growing out of our britches.  There are new neighborhoods and many new people coming.  I would like to get new businesses such as a grocery store and fast food restaurants. We will have a bunch of children here and they need opportunities to work here.”

The election is Saturday.  If you did not cast an early ballot, you may vote in person.  The weather outlook is sunny with very little chance of rain.