Getting the Ladies Involved

Over the past several months the men of the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office have been growing beards.  And using that as a fundraiser for charity.  They present a different local charity with a check each month.

But what about the ladies who work for the sheriff”

The DeSoto Sheriff’s Office said, “We have racked our brains trying to figure out how to get the ladies of DPSO involved in our Bearded Charity each month, but we’ve sadly just come up short.  However, the ladies of DeSoto 911 decided to take this to task all on their own.”

The ladies working in the 911 center raised their own donations to throw into the pot and came up with their own hairy idea as well.  The guys in the Sheriff’s Office received an email simply titled:  “Girls Rule, Boys Drool!”

The next charity donation will be announced on April 11th.  And it will include the funds raised by the ladies.