Sheriff Helps Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Victims

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are some of the most difficult topics to discuss.  It takes extreme courage for anyone to come forth, and it is the first step in the healing process.  We encourage any person that may be suffering in silence to come forward and be heard, believed, and reassured that help is available.  You are never alone.  Not only does the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office care, but our investigators can also put you in touch with some of the best people and organizations to help you through whatever it is you are going through so that you are never walking alone.  At the very least, your story may prevent a perpetrator from victimizing someone else. 

The month of April is Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness month.  Over the last few weeks, our local leaders have teamed up with our office to discuss what has been done in the recent past, and how to properly address those reports going forward. A special event, hosted by our local CASA leaders, was held on Friday, April 22 on the steps of the Courthouse where many leaders in our community took the podium to discuss their efforts and goals to address those situations of domestic abuse and sexual assault. The DeSoto Sheriff’s Office took part in this event to have discussions with our local District Judges, District Attorney, Mansfield Police, Pastors, Business Owners and many others who share a common passion to help those victims.  In recent days a new “Soft Interview Room” was also established at the Stonewall Government Plaza thanks to Project Beloved, the Molly Jane Mission.  This serves to facilitate a space of comfort for survivors in their time of trauma, at no extra cost to law enforcement or taxpayers.

Sheriff Richardson and Detectives would like to thank each and every person in attendance for their dedication to care for sexual assault victims.  We look forward to working in unison to recognize signs, bring justice to perpetrators, seek preventative measures, and respond to each case with the grace and compassion every person deserves.