Mansfield Juneteenth Celebration Agenda

Posted by Latarsha Ross Shelton.  She has published the schedule of events for the Mansfield Civic Group’s Juneteenth Celebration June 23-25.   

Thursday June 23:

Youth Summer Fest at the Desoto Multi-Cultural Center

Friday June 24:

5:00 pm Vendor Set-up

6:00 pm Gates open

Jabbo Production Friday Night Lineup

Luster Baker “ That’s my boo” ,

DeShay “ Cowboy Ride

DOGG and Ford of Homegrown,

Big Poppa

Anne Washington aka Mz. B

MOJO  “The Producer’s showcase”

Eric Hunter aka Mr. Don’t Leave

Local Dance Group(s)

Saturday June 25:

8:00 am  Vendor Set-up

11:00 am  Juneteenth Parade with Mayor Elect Thomas Jones the Grand Marshall

12:30 pm   Business/Mixer & Sponsorship Recognition

1:00 pm Juneteenth Parade Winners by Diane Scott Davis

1:30 pm Local DJ’s

2:00 pm Welcome to The 9th Annual Juneteenth Celebration & History by LaTarsha Shelton

3:00 pm Juneteenth Youth Who’s Got Talent

5:00 pm B-Cam  Zydeco Band

7:00 pm JABBO Production

8:00 pm Nellie Travis

8:45 pm Ms. Jody

9:00 pm Gary Shelton

9:15 pm Volton Wright

9: 30 pm Tasha Mac

10:00 pm Jeter Jones