Final Candidate Tally for Local Races

Here are how the DeSoto School Board races are shaping up.  Incumbent board members had no one challenge them in District 1, 2, 3, and 8.  Dudley Glenn, Neil Henderson, Jeffrey Dillard, and L. Mark Ross will hold those seats on the board.

In District 4, Donnie Dufour has two challengers.  They are Xavier Foster and Robert Mitchell. 

District 5 attracted three candidates. They are KaTina Lane, Alice Hamilton Thomas and Jim Veuleman.

In the race for District 6, Brian LaFleur qualified Thursday to challenge Coday Johnston.

Sonja Smith Polley filed Thursday for District 7 in opposition to incumbent Dale Morvan. 

Tommy Craig did not file for re-election in District 9.  Ronnie Morris, Sr. qualified for that post.

District 10 saw LaTarsha Ross Shelton file Friday challenging Bobby Boyd.

And the on Friday Johnny R. Jones filed to challenge Rosie Mae Mayweather.  She currently represents District 11.

Incumbent Mayor of Keachi, Travis Whitfield and Grand Cane Mayor Marsha Richardson were the only ones to qualify in their races.  That means they are re-elected without opposition.

Five Council seats are up for the Town of Keachi.  There were 5 people qualifying meaning that Jeanette Pons Avila, William Chad Burford, Michael Gresham, Patty Russell, and Jeffrey Zeigler will compose the Keachi Town Council for the next four years.

Three Aldermen will be elected in Grand Cane.  Only three people qualified.  Therefore Ed Campbell, Clayton Davis, and Rhonda Meek are elected in that race.

Four candidates have qualified for the five seats on the Keachi Town Council.  They are Jeanette Pons Avila, William Chad Burford, Michael Gresham, and Patty Russell.

Two people qualified for the two Aldermen seats in Stanley.  Dane Blount and Angela Cleveland are elected to those seats.

No one qualified for the 2 Council Member seats at Longstreet.  Those seats will be filled later.