School scores are high

By Nicole Tull

The results are in. Even schools are graded, and our very own DeSoto parish schools received high marks. It took many components from everyone involved, including administrator, teachers and students, to make sure our schools are doing the best they can. While the pandemic did offer a hiccup for the lower grades, it did not make a lasting impact.

There are five levels schools are graded on and DeSoto schools were consistent in achieving the top two levels of Mastery and Advanced in their subjects across the board. The highest scores were for English jumping several points from the previous year. The various Math subjects were next with Biology following. As with many schools in Louisiana and other states, there is work yet to be done for Social Studies and History subjects.

Teachers have their own testing, and they are doing great in their areas, too. Teachers are encouraged to know their students and know the content of what they are teaching. They need to create an environment that is safe and enjoyable for learning. Attendance is a big focus for the teachers and students with incentives to encourage both groups to show up. Students can only learn if they are in class, and it helps to have a consistent teacher available.

Another way DeSoto schools are making a difference is with the WIN or Whatever I Need block. There is specific focus on struggling subjects tailored to each student. Also, students needing extra assistance can have an extended day opportunity to learn like they do in class. Finally, students are permitted to take ownership of their learning by teaching other students in a controlled environment. What a great way to realize their learning and aid their fellow classmates.

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