Senator Milligan reports on the legislative session

There were not a lot of “hot topic” issues in the recent regular session of the Louisiana Legislature.  District 38 Senator Barry Milligan reported to the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce that his focus had been on security bills.

Milligan said, “We passed a package of security bills that focuses on protecting schools, the government and infrastructure.”  He said he worked with the state Superintendent of Education to give teachers a voice in schools.  Milligan noted that the DeSoto Parish School Board has established a council to accomplish this.

During the past year there were special sessions called to deal with redrawing the state’s House and Senate district lines to accommodate shifts in population reflected in the 2020 census.  Milligan said, “I will still work for all of the parish.”  He noted that Mansfield will now be split into two senate districts.  “I am pleased that I still have the bulk of DeSoto Parish,” added Milligan.  He noted that the Governor objected to the districts the legislature enacted, that a district court had agreed with the Governor, and that the state Supreme Court ruled that the districts were OK as drawn by the Legislature.

Milligan summed up the year stating, “I want to be a voice for the people.  My goal is to make this state the best.  I want our kids and grandkids to be able to stay here.”