Who Wants A Franklin?

The DeSoto Parish Journal is offering a Benjamin or $100 to the person in the parish who can pick the outcome of local high school games the best.  It is the Journal’s first High School Pickers Contest.

The entry blanks are being distributed.  Already many have been sent in and more entries are welcome.  We printed the complete rules in the Wednesday Journal, so look back for them.

Click the banner above this or any Journal news article to take you to the entry form.  The first contest is for the games to be played next Friday, September 2nd.  So, the entry deadline is Friday, September 2 at 4:00 p.m.

There will be a new contest, with new teams featured, each Friday.  And another $100 prize each week.  The Journal will award over $1,000 to the best “Pickers” in the parish during the season, so get in on the fun today!