Roll’n Stone Rolls Into Stonewall

By LaBetha Casey

The ribbon cutting for the new Roll’n Stone Ice Cream business was held Friday, August 26.  The business hours are Sunday 1-5, Monday-Thursday 1-9, and Friday and Saturday 12-10. Owners, Peyton Massey, and Muna Sofyan, moved to Stonewall about 2 years ago and have 3 children.  According to Massey, the “Stone” part of their business name is for “Stonewall.”  Peyton gave up his oilfield job for this endeavor, but Muna is continuing her real estate profession.

A wide variety of flavors and ingredients are available for the ice cream rolls.  Puffy waffles with fruit and Nutella, waffle cones, Slush Puppies, Coca Cola products, milk shakes, and Rhino coffee—both brewed and iced— are offered. On Tuesdays, the waffle cones will be formed into a taco shape for “Taco Tuesdays.”   T-shirts with their logo can also be purchased.  For those who have a lactose intolerance and/or nut allergies, an ice cream slab is dedicated for these consumers so that the unintended ingredients are not cross contaminated.  All products are made fresh daily.

Birthday parties can be held here which will include bounce houses, pizza, and the opportunity to learn how to roll ice cream.  Future plans include having outside picnic tables and a fenced play area for smaller children.  Small tables are placed outside for couples who wish to avoid the music and chatter of the inside customers.  In the back area are Pac Man games and seating for those who wish to “hang out” and fellowship.

After seeing the lack of a place for dessert in the Stonewall area, the couple prayed for some time before deciding on the rolled ice cream venture.  Massey stated “Our goal is to not only provide a safe space for teens and others to congregate, but to give back to the community by hiring local students.  The employees are not only trained on how to roll ice cream, but also to be sensitive to the emotional concerns of their customers and afford them the opportunity to encourage and/or pray for them when needed.”  A corner bookcase offers a selection of Bibles for anyone who should desire to have a Bible for free.