LHSAA Shuffles the Deck

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association has shuffled the deck and re-dealt the cards for high school post-season play in 2022-2023.  Details were issued to the media on Friday.  North DeSoto and Logansport are affected by the changes.

Schools are designated as Select or as Non-Select based upon their attendance zones and other factors.  A total of 26 schools formerly designated as Select have been moved to Non-Select.  North DeSoto, Mansfield and Logansport were not affected by this; however, it does come into play when the playoff divisions were established.

For the playoffs, teams in all sports were placed into one of 4 divisions.  But in the parish the teams don’t necessarily stay in the same division for every sport. 

All three teams in the parish are designated as Non-Select.  Here is a breakdown of where the three teams ended up for post-season play.

North DeSoto was placed in Division II for football playoffs.  For Boys and Girls Basketball, Baseball and Softball North Desoto is a Division I team for post-season.

Mansfield High is in Division III for all sports.

Logansport, which fielded an extremely strong football team last season, ended up in Division IV for playoffs in 2022-23. In all other sports, Logansport is in play-off Division III. 

Interesting the LHSAA news release did not shed any night on the criteria for placing each team in a particular division.  All they said was, “On Thursday, the bulk of the time was spent by committee and staff analyzing the number of schools in each designation and those respective split sports post season brackets, while keeping parity and competitive as a goal amongst all five sports.”  And the LHSAA did not further define the Divisions as to whether Division I was stronger than Division IV, etc.

If you are interested in digging further into the brackets, the whole news release is attached.  Click on the PDF below.

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