Saturday Ribbon Cutting

By LaBetha Casey

Midst the activity of the 50 Mile Trail of Treasure in Stonewall on Saturday, October 8,  another ribbon cutting was held. FUNdamental Pediatric Therapy owner, Mrs. Michael Johnston, stated,  “Our goal is to bring pediatric therapy and awareness to DeSoto Parish.

Many parents must drive to Shreveport or Bossier to gain access for therapy for their children.” 

Their mission is to provide therapy that is play based, research driven, child centered and empowering to families.

Five licensed therapists will provide services for children from birth to 18 years of age, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and also parent education.  Patients may be referred by pediatricians or may be self-referred by parents.

A sensory room will be used to regulate emotional responses for such patients with Downs Syndrome, autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy or others who experience general sensory processing disorders.  Another room sports items for playing “dress-up,” pretending or imaginary play to promote speech skills.

Johnston stated that she is awaiting approval for private insurance and Medicaid or other governmental aid to be available as payment for services.