Mayor Brings Message of Hope

By Van Reech

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Mansfield Lions Club on 10/11/22 was at the Clista A. Calhoun Center for lunch.  The guest speaker was Mansfield’s new Mayor Thomas Jones who shared a message of hope and encouragement to the members.  Mayor Jones says he wants a “Community of Citizens” who will work together to make Mansfield a better and safer place for everyone to live.  He says one of the first things he is doing is arranging for better benefits and pay for the City Hall staff and employees, upgrading the police force, adding a full-time Permit Officer, and repairing the firetrucks and other city equipment that had been neglected.  Once they are back and running he plans on a demolition and controlled burn of the several derelict properties around town.  The Mayor wants a cleaner city that will work smarter with modern technology.  Mayor Jones says he has an open door for anyone with any questions or suggestions and encouraged the members to come by City Hall to visit with him.

The Lions meet every second and fourth Tuesday for a catered lunch at the Clista A. Calhoun Center and you are welcome to come by.