Desoto Schools Receive “A” On State Report Card

The Louisiana Department of Education publicly released the 2021-22 School and District Performance Scores. DeSoto is ranked 6th in the state and is one of only 7 districts with an overall rating of “A”.  DeSoto was also one of only 20 systems in the state to receive an “A” for student growth. “I am so proud of the hard work happening in DeSoto,” said Ms. Alice Thomas, DeSoto Parish School Board President.

DeSoto received a District Performance Score of 90.3. The District Performance Score is calculated by combining performance in LEAP assessments for grades 3 – 8 and high school courses, ACT scores, graduation rates, strength of diploma and interest and opportunities. Four of DeSoto’s 9 schools have exceeded pre pandemic results from the last official release of scores in Spring of 2019. Those schools are Logansport High School, Mansfield Middle School, North DeSoto Middle School, and North DeSoto High School. In addition, the combined K-8 and HS Progress Index has increased 3.3 points from the last official data release in 2019. “We are so excited to celebrate the work of our teachers, students and parents as is evident by the growth of our school and district. It is such a blessing to be a part of a district and community in which academics is such a priority,” said Tamela Phillips, Principal of North DeSoto High School.

The Louisiana Department of Education also awards designations to individual schools. The “Top Gains” designation is awarded to schools who demonstrate excellence in student progress from one year to the next. Logansport High School, North DeSoto Lower Elementary, North DeSoto Upper Elementary, North DeSoto Middle School, North DeSoto High School and Stanley High School were all awarded this honor. The distinction of “Equity Honoree” is awarded to schools who demonstrate excellence in educating students with disabilities, English learners, and/or economically disadvantaged students and was given to both Mansfield High School and North DeSoto High School.

“While we celebrate these successes, we continue to address areas of concern. We have daily support in place to accelerate learning for our students who are working toward mastery as well as extended day programs on many of our campuses. For our students who are on and above grade level, we offer opportunities to extend their learning through advanced coursework and daily extension activities. Because of our continued commitment to excellence, it is always a great day to be in DeSoto,” said Bridget Flanders, Director of Student Learning.

DeSoto’s climb to 6 in overall district performance rankings marks its highest since the inception of district and school accountability. “We are excited to celebrate the growth of our students and the continued success of our school system,” remarked Superintendent Clay Corley. “This is the result of the hard work of our teachers, administrators and support staff. We are fortunate to have a shared commitment from our school board and community. The resources they provide and expectations for our performance are the catalyst that helps bring out the best in each of us every day.”