Deputy Twinkle Toes Reporting

Sheriff Richardson has been showing me different ways a Deputy keeps kids safe!  Last night I worked as a Dispatcher, which is the person that answers the phone when you call the Sheriffs Office!  I answered a call from a little boy in Mansfield that thought he saw Santa, and a girl in Stanley that thought she HEARD Santa break the sound barrier!  I told them it was a little bit too early for that though.  One man named Mr. Greaseball called about his cousin ruining Christmas, and another grouchy person called to ask me if my refrigerator was running?  But I sent a Deputy to every house and they helped them all!  Even when Mr. Joey Register called to say one of his cows was up in the tree again, Deputy Charla just threw that Ole heifer on her back like She-Hulk and carried it down!  Anyway, I really like being a Dispatcher!  They get to help so many people and they even keep maple syrup here too!  I think when I return to the North Pole I will ask Santa if I can be a dispatcher for when kids call him!  I hope everyone is being really good because Christmas is getting super close!  Even Santa called last night.  I mean…he called to ask me if the dump was open, but it was still great to hear from him!! 

See everyone next week when I share where the Sheriff sends me next!

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