Village Cuisine Fire

Rhonda Meek of the Village Cuisine in Grand Cane announced Tuesday that an early morning fire caused extensive damage to the restaurant. Here is her report:

At 4:30 am I was notified by the sheriffs dept that the restaurant was on fire!  From security camera footage, it looks to have started around 10:50 pm and sat unnoticed until a little after 4:00 am when a kind passerby noticed and grabbed my water hose and started trying to put it out and called 911.  We thank him for saving it – it could have been much worse.

We suspect lightning as the cause due to the fact that there was another lightning strike on the other end of the newly built patio or some sort of power surge, but we won’t know for sure. The dining room was spared, but the kitchen and dish room are a total loss.

We are very fortunate that it happened when no staff or customers were there. We ask that you pray for me, my family and my staff as we go from here. We appreciate all our fellow merchants, customers and community for stopping by, for your phone calls and texts. We will get through this and move forward.

Village Cuisine has been my baby for the last 14 years and we aren’t done yet – there are too many things that I have planned and have wanted to do to stop now.  So, we will be closed until we can rebuild etc. We love our Village Cuisine fans and appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for a terrific 2022. I look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.