Suspect Apprehended

From the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office:

Tuesday at 4:03pm, a call was received through 911 of an individual who had forced entry into a relatives residence in what appeared to be a domestic situation.  However, during the call the dispatcher overheard statements that indicated that a firearm may be involved, and the suspect was possibly inside the residence. Deputies were immediately dispatched to the location. At the same time, a district ballgame was also beginning at the nearby Stanley High School. Deputies were already present at the school with more being dispatched until details of the situation could be obtained.

Upon arrival to the scene, deputies were able clear the residence to determine the subject was no longer inside. At this point there was no indication that the subject was armed or specific information on the direction the subject left the scene. The suspect was able to be identified as Jeffrey Cassels, a 43 year old white male, during that time. We immediately notified the public to be aware through the DeSoto Sheriff App and our Social Media. 

During a search of the scene, a van stolen during a church burglary in Sabine parish was also located.  Cassels had driven the vehicle to that location, although the direction or method of travel from that point remained unknown.  K-9s were deployed and continued searching the area until exhaustion set in.  It was at that time we updated the public that deputies would continue to circulate the area in search for more information on the suspects whereabouts, which continued throughout the night and into Wednesday.

Wednesday, at 1:30PM a call was received from a local business stating that a person believed to be the suspect had broken into their business off of Natural Gas Road in Logansport.  The suspect was still there, and due to the diligent actions taken by employees, deputies were able to respond immediately and take Cassels into custody. 

Jeffery Cassels was taken to the DeSoto Detention Center to be booked and charged according to the events from yesterday as well as this morning.  We thank the public for their patience and understanding as they shared our posts and offered information over the course of this investigation. 


Statute Description   Level   Arrest Date                Arrest Agency            Bond Amount

BURGLARY – SIMPLE FELONY          11/08/2023  DPSO                          $30000

BURGLARY – SIMPLE FELONY          01/18/2023  DPSO                          $30000


                                                            01/18/2023  DPSO                          $5000


01/18/2023  DPSO                          $0