Academic, Facility And Safety Improvements at DeSoto Schools

School Superintendent Clay Corley pointed to improvements to educational facilities in the parish in remarks before the DeSoto Chamber this month. He also expressed delight in academic progress parish schools are making.

Corley thanked community members as well as school staff and parents for the progress made.  Corley said, “I want to thank you for your work that impacts the school system. We’re now ranked the number six school system in the state in academics.  We are a growing system in enrollment, academics and in capital  facilities.”

Among improvements underway, Corley said, “We will see over the next twelve to eighteen months new projects at Stanley High and Mansfield High schools.  And hopefully we will be in our new administration building by October or so.”

Security upgrades and improvements are underway at all campuses.  Corley said they will enhance student and faculty safety.  Working with the Sheriff’s Office they are improving their security partnerships.  Resource Officers on campus are working with kids and influencing their lives.  And that means a lot.

Corley spoke at the January meeting of the DeSoto Chamber of Commmerce.