Upcoming Events Discussed By Chamber

By Nicole Tull

The Logansport Chamber of Commerce had their monthly meeting at the Logansport Library Tuesday evening, February 7th.  Mayte’s Mexican Restaurant catered the evening meal with fajitas, enchiladas and all the fixins.

Mayor Judge Cordray gave an update that all of the canopies are up downtown. They are working on lights. Teresa Stephens presented a trophy to the Chamber for their Mardi Gras float winning The Most Unique Business award. President James Walker mentioned that his grandson, Paden Fields, gets the credit for the float decorations. He volunteered his time and talent to paint the Looney Tunes characters.
Old business discussed was making motions to cover expenses for the Mardi Gras parade. Decorations and maintenance issues were needing immediate attention. The members voted to cover the costs.  

New business discussed was taking responsibility for the usage of the chamber trailer for events. It needs a secure place to store and maintenance needs to be considered. The Chamber received a thank you card from LHS dream team for their donation of drinks to the Special Olympics. Also, window decals for Chamber business members will be available soon. This will help the public know who are connected to the Chamber.

The only future event discussed was the Easter Egg Drop the weekend of Easter. The Sheriff’s office has agreed to drop the eggs again from the helicopter. A Committee was assembled to decided what games, prizes, and such will be made available for the day’s fun.

The last point of business was drawing for the door prize. Annette Bounds won the $25 gift certificate for Mayte’s Mexican Restaurant. There is a door prize every meeting. All are encouraged to attend to learn about the community happenings. All are encouraged to join to support the community. The next meeting will be 6:00pm Tuesday, March 7th at the Logansport library.