Mardi Gras in Grand Cane

By Nicole Tull

It has often been said of small towns, “don’t blink or you’ll miss it.” Grand Cane’s Mardi Gras parade was no exception to that time honored colloquialism. Try as they may, their parade was just barely considered such. Mayoress Marsha Lea Richardson decorated her mule and threw beads to the small gathering of children in the park. Close behind her was Alderman Ed Campbell in his decorated golf cart handing out pencils and slap bracelets.

The Mayor prepared a big pot of jambalaya, hot dogs, and bought a king cake to celebrate Mardi Gras. Several took part in the quaint village’s festivities. The children were not disappointed with their loot and an opportunity to soak up the warm sun in the park. The first slice of King Cake revealed the baby and the recipient assured the revelry will continue. The small village had big fun on Saturday because they truly believe the life is grand in Grand Cane.