Tax Election Explained

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury has issued a brochure that explains the upcoming sales tax election in the parish.  It will be on the parish ballots on Saturday March 25th.

The brochure said the tax, if enacted, would benefit the parish animal shelter, mosquito abatement, community organizations and parish facilities.  Here is the explanation provided for the purpose of the tax:

To be dedicated and used for (i) acquiring, administering, constructing, improving, maintaining, operating, providing and/or supporting an animal shelter, (ii) providing mosquito control and abatement, (iii) providing funds for acquiring, administering, constructing, improving, maintaining, supporting and operating authorized activities, services, programs and/or facilities of/for non-profit organizations, including, but not limited to, the Council on Aging and organizations for animal control, (iv) constructing, improving, maintaining, operating and supporting the buildings and facilities of the Parish and (v) supporting the DeSoto Parish general fund, including payment of indebtedness, all to the extent that the aforesaid purposes have a benefit to residents of the District.

The brochure further explains that enacting this sales tax would make a 6-cent increase on a $25 purchase.

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