John Bernard Realty

Look around our area, new business everywhere. Real Estate is also getting a new look. I have been a successful realtor for 16 years. I have learned the ins and outs of the business thoroughly during this time. We have opened a new office and we’re bringing what I believe to be a much-needed change that will assist those thinking about buying or selling a home. My grandson Colby Session is working with me as a licensed LA. Realtor. Together our mission is to make the process of buying or selling more affordable. We will accomplish this by listing and selling your house for as low as 2.5%.

We hope to be an asset to everyone we come in contact with. Our thoughts will always center around “whatever it takes”. Call John at 318-332-9850 or Colby at 318-652-4878

We can help keep YOUR equity and wealth in YOUR pocket!