LHS Drum Captain awarded Scholastic Arts Grant

The DeSoto Arts Council is pleased to announce that Michael Knight, a Logansport High School Senior and Tiger Band Drum Captain, has been awarded the first DAC Scholastic Arts Grant.   “A percussionist with the ability to hop on the many instruments in this classification and learn them with ease.” That’s how Michael’s band teacher describes the six-year senior member of the Logansport High School Band.

“Michael showcases a high level of musical ability as well as a desire to always learn more about musical knowledge. He always takes the time to perfect his craft because he is a firm believer that even though something is acceptable, there are always new boundaries to push and new areas to explore,” said Logansport High School Band teacher Richard Brumbelow.

Brumbelow said Michael’s belief and tenacity has taken him far and this year alone has earned him the role of Drum Captain and a spot in the District VIII Symphonic Band, as well as the TOPS scholarship to attend Grambling State University.

LHS Senior Michael Knight said, “I know that no matter how much I practice, there will always be something to improve. This has kept me inspired to improve. Even later in life, when I have been drumming for fifty years, I know that I will find a new path to improve every day.”

The DAC Scholastic Arts Grants (SAG) is a one-time monetary gift of $1,000. It is awarded directly to the student to use at their discretion (tuition, books, or supplies). SAG was established in January 2023 to foster the study of the arts and advance the development of young artists in DeSoto Parish.

DeSoto Arts Council President Mark Poole said, “Michael discovered his love for drums early and has pursued it with zeal. We at DAC hope this grant may in a small way help him as he strives to fulfill his passion.”

SAG is offered to DeSoto Parish students that apply annually and are pursuing the arts through formal higher education. DAC selects annual applicants who are rising artists with superior creativity, desire, and pursuing a deeper understanding of their area of the arts.

As Michael begins his journey, he has the end goal in plain sight. “I plan to be the Band Director of a successful band program that attends events such as competitions regularly,” he said. This isn’t a task Michael declares flippantly. Developing and leading an exceptional band program has been his vision for years, a plan he said, he and friends have brainstormed ideas and procedures for growing and maintaining their own band program someday.

Knight said, “We will strive to grow our program as the most appreciated program in the area, and to push our students to grow individually and as a group.”

Brumbelow said Michael’s goals and vision to be a band director doesn’t surprise him at all. “I believe that Michael has a tremendous amount of potential in the field of music and will continue to strive for excellence in his music endeavors,” he said. 

The DeSoto Arts Council is a non-profit organization of volunteers and members that support individual creativity, cultural preservation, economic development, and lifelong learning through the ARTS in DeSoto Parish. DAC’s grant programs are funded through the generous donations of individuals, community programs, and local businesses. Please visit us online at desoto-arts-council-of-la.org for more information about how you can donate, download grant applications, and discover the arts in DeSoto Parish.

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