AG Candidates Speak

By Nicole Tull

The candidates seeking the office for Attorney General came to the RB4 Event Center. The occasion last Thursday was the monthly DeSoto GOP luncheon.

John Belton was the first to speak. He is not affiliated with a registered party but is conservative in his Christian views. He is currently the DA for the 3rd Judicial District which covers Lincoln and Union Parishes. He comes with 31 years of experience as a prosecutor. He also owns businesses which gives him administrative experience.  He is pro justice, pro second amendment, and pro-life.

Mr. Belton went on to explained that the District Attorney’s office handles 95% criminal with the remaining 5% representing school board, Police Jury, etc. In Louisiana, the District Attorney has original jurisdiction, but in other states the Attorney General’s office can have original jurisdiction. The Attorney General’s office is mostly civil and covers five areas: civil, criminal, Medicaid fraud, office of risk management, and gaming.

Marty Maley was next. He is a registered Republican. He comes with 28 years of experience as a criminal prosecutor in Baton Rouge. He is a 5-generation politician. Several family members are also attorneys. He has prosecuted some difficult cases to include a serial killer. He promises to be tough on hardened criminals, fight for victim’s rights, promote early intervention efforts, and is pro-life, pro-gun and pro Louisiana.

John Stefanski was the last candidate to speak. He is a registered Republican. He is currently the State Representative in District 42. He has a law practice in Crowley where he is exposed to multiple areas of law which has served him well in the legislature. He has headed up the redistricting efforts for the Congressional districts for the state. He promises to answer to the people and represent the people. He is anxious to work to make Louisiana a better place to live and encourage people to stay to invest in our great state. He pointed out that Louisiana has not won first in anything besides music, food, and sports in many years. While he may be younger than the average candidate, he brings zeal and direction.

All candidates were available for questions at the end of their talk. One question was repeatedly asked to each: “hypothetically, as Attorney General, if you were provided a case against a former DA, what would your position be as to prosecution of the former politician.” Every candidate promised to be in favor of justice to prosecute whoever was brought before their office. Political standing would not interfere with prosecution. Candidates indicated that some similar cases have already been brought to them in their experience.

One candidate did not make the luncheon and several local officials also attended.