Fiddler Ends Record-Breaking Run

Friday evening, the cast and crew of the BackAlley Community Theatre’s Fiddler on the Roof said farewell from our little village of Anatevka.  It had been a fantastic run.  Most performances received standing ovations from enthusiastic theatre goers.  

It was said around the parish, “How can they pull it off?” or “How can a play such as Fiddler be done on the theatre’s small stage?” and “Where will they find the cast needed?” And they did with spectacular results.

Director Amy Hall and Assistant Director Wendy Parr found the actors, singers and dancers.  Some were as young as eight years old, and the oldest performers were 78 and 83.  And there was a wide range in between.  Many in the cast are members of the Dramaniacs youth theatre group.  One newcomer to BackAlley is an accomplished drama major and performer in other cities in the US.

Originally six performances were scheduled at BackAlley, however they were all sold out by the time the show opened on May 12th.  Before the first weekend was over, a second Sunday matinee was scheduled.  Like the first six, it quickly sold out.  And the theatre scheduled an eighth and final performance for Friday May 26th.  It sold out and unfortunately left the crowds wanting more.

This was the most successful production ever undertaken by BackAlley.  The theatre said,  “And we all look forward to bringing you more amazing shows in the future.”

Mazel tov!!