The Show Must Go On

BackAlley Community Theatre is saddened for their Board, but joyful for Linda Sibley, to announce her retirement from the BackAlley Board of Directors at the end of this Season. Fortunately, Linda will continue to perform on our BackAlley stage. Linda has been a dedicated volunteer and supporter of the BAT Board for over 20 years.   The board said,  “We will surely miss her contributions to our Board with her experience and knowledge of theater and her open communication, which she has always shared with our Board.”

When asked about her time spent with the BackAlley Board of Directors, Sibley responded, “I have enjoyed my time on the BackAlley Board for the past 20 years, with most of that time spent as Secretary. Being a member of BackAlley’s Board doesn’t mean just showing up to a monthly meeting and voting. Every member has duties that enable BackAlley to continue offering its patrons entertainment as it has for 23 years. In fact, there would be no productions without these people who work behind the scenes. But, I have reached a time in my life where I feel I need to channel my energy in fewer directions. I want everyone to know that I intend to continue acting in BackAlley productions when I am called upon. That is where I want to use my energy, because there is so much joy in bringing people laughter.”

If you are familiar with BackAlley, you know and appreciate how Linda has kept us laughing with her entertainment over the past 23 years, with more to come. The board said, “We are grateful, Linda, to have worked beside you through the years, and we thank you for all that you have taught us.”