Scam Alert

From the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office:  Let’s review how it works. You get the message shown from someone you know. You agree, and a code is sent to you. You give them the code. They say thank you, and the scam is done.

What just happened?

Most people open Facebook by clicking an app on their phone and it just opens, already logged in. Maybe you go to a website and your Facebook is already saved or logged in. BUT, if you login on an “unusual” device, Facebook will send you a code. You have to enter the code to verify it is you.

The scammer knows this. They first will ask you if you will help them, and when you agree, they attempt to login as YOU. Then, you will receive a code, which you then give to the scammer. NOW, you have helped the scammer login to YOUR Facebook. They can change your password, change your profile pic, post to your page, and take full control over your account. This is one of the reasons you constantly see friends saying, “Don’t accept a friend request from me, my account was hacked.”  Although I must add to this, it isn’t hacking. This is just a good ole fashioned SCAM. And you fell for it.  Had to say it for the nerds like me out there.

Be vigilant.  Share for your loved ones.