Watch Which Emails You Click On

The Sheriff’s Office said, “We have received several reports from residents getting emails like the one pictured. It was reported a while back that there was a data breach of personal information through the OMV, that is correct. It also appears to be true that the state of Louisiana is informing citizens of this breach to those they could find an email address for. They appear to be offering 12 months of free credit monitoring through LifeLock to those affected.  Here are our thoughts:  Go to the state website on your own and locate this offer, just to be extra careful.

Here’s why:

Always be careful what unsolicited emails/texts you open with links to click on. While the state is sending out these notices with information to call, or a web link to click, we also received a secondary email claiming the same thing and we cannot confirm it came directly from the state. So please just make sure that if you choose to take the offer, you are doing so through the official state website ( before you go turning over any information willingly.

The Sheriff’s Office said to be smart and stay vigilant.