Logansport Library participates in the Halloween Festival at the Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park

By: Kaylee Nelson

The community of Logansport celebrated Halloween Night at Dennis Freeman Memorial River Park. Logansport Library set up a booth and handed out Halloween goodie bags stuffed with candy and baubles for the kids.

The weather was chilly, though most seemed unbothered, especially the children, who were eyeing their treats with delight. The citizens of Logansport (and surrounding towns) greeted the Logansport Library Staff with warm smiles and sweet hellos, and the children giggled as they stuffed their buckets full of candy, eventually making their way to the Krewe of Aquarius booth, where bags of popcorn were distributed. It was a joyous night for the community at the festival and a resounding
success for the town of Logansport.

A big thank you to Melissa Rodgers, who graciously volunteered to help set up the booth and hand out goodie bags.