Pelican Library Big Buck Contest

From the first of October through the end of deer season, the Pelican Library branch will conduct a big buck contest.  For 2021 the library is adding a 12 and under category.

The contest rules are below.  The library said, “Shoot straight and the best of luck!”

There is no pre-registration and no cost to enter.  Just take a picture and take or send it to the library by email, snail-mail, or bring it by during library hours.  Just supply your name and phone number.

The library would also like to know your story.  Where and when you got the big buck and what you used to take the buck down.  They said they wanted to hear all the details.

The prize for the largest buck entered is $100.  And this year they are also offering $100 to the biggest buck in the 12 and under category.  The library said the winner of last year’s big buck contest, Nick Shoalmire is furnishing the prize to the 12 and under winner.