Tools of the Trade

It is 80’s day at North DeSoto Lower Elementary today, and the kids have been discussing “tools of the trade” in class!  School Resource Corporal, Brett Randolph thought it would be nice to show the kids some of the tools used by the DeSoto Sheriff’s Office!  Sheriff Jayson Richardson attended the demonstration, accompanied by K9, SWAT, and many others to show off equipment and explain what each one is used for. 

Students were excited to receive stickers, lanyards, pens, pencils, and other cool things from Sheriff Richardson as they enjoyed learning about the HydraTrek, Marine, Motorcycles, DARE, and a demonstration from K9 Rex.  

We always enjoy the opportunity to speak with our local students to not only teach, but to further build a relationship of trust when they see a deputy or officer out in public.  We send a special thanks to our educators at NDLE for allowing us that opportunity!