Mansfield Council Approves Broadband Resolutions

Bringing broadband to unserved areas of the City of Mansfield occupied much of the spotlight at the City Council meeting Monday afternoon.  Discussion centered around getting grants to fund the project and the feasibility study for the proposed broadband expansion.

Donnette Dunbar and Aaron Jackson spoke for Louisiana Connected on the proposal.  Dunbar said they are required to take certain steps in putting together a feasibility study.  She called that the first step, and she said state law requires it. 

Then Dunbar discussed sources of possible funding.  She said getting undeway will put Mansfield in the position of being the first in the state to apply for funds and she indicated this would give the town an advantage.

Jackson clarified some questions when he said the broadband they are speaking of is fiber optic delivered.  He said the study will determine if it is best to bury the cable or mount it aerially (similar to other utility lines).

The City Council approved two resolutions on the matter.  The first would extend until May 25, 2022 the negotiation period.  The second authorized Mayor John Mayweather, Sr. to execute a professional services agreement with Louisiana Connected to do the feasibility study.