Police Jury Votes to Hire New Parish Administrator

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury voted to hire a new Parish Administrator.  At the meeting on October 18th the jury decided to offer candidate Michael Norton a salary of $120,000.

Members of the jury spent about half an hour discussing two candidates who were the finalists for the position.  Thomas Jones complimented Norton, “He answered every question for me.  He was real thorough and talked about leading people and how he would handle people.

Other jurors also made favorable comments on behalf of Norton.  Only Juror Jeri Burrell spoke out in the negative.  Burrell said, “I was grading the candidates on their answers (in the interview process).  I liked both but will not vote for either.”  She added, “I am not going to work any way or other.  Concerns he be a councilman for Stonewall.”

There was some discussion on what salary to offer. It was stated that the range for the Parish Administrator position is $90,000 to $135,000.  Some said $120,000 would be the top of the range, however it was pointed out that the $120,000 is within the pay range already established.  Juror Jimmy Holmes made the motion to offer Norton $120,000.

The motion passed with two jurors abstaining.