Animal Shelter Discussed at Mansfield Rotary Club Meeting.

By Van Reech


Meeting at the Mansfield Female College Museum every other Wednesday for lunch.  L to R Donny Dufour, John Adams, Dudley Glenn, Barbie Higginbotham – Shelter Employee, Ken Sidenstiker, Van Reech, and Bianca Closhen – Shelter Volunteer. 

The ladies told our club about the activities at the DeSoto Animal Shelter and all of the benefits for our Parish to have a state of the art facility like we now have.  Our Shelter tries to relocate or arrange for adoption for most of their animals.  A few just can’t be tamed or are too sick to find new homes. 

The Shelter is governed and funded by our Police Jury and are very dependent on them and on the Parish tax revenue to stay open.  With the last Tax voted down they have had to scale back and are facing bleak times unless private support and donations increase.   Ms. Higginbotham told of grant efforts being made with the Federal Government and State Government for funding by creating a new 501C Non-Profit. 

The Mansfield Rotary Club donated a sizable sum as did several of the Rotary members.,  We pledged to help network and try to educate everyone on why we need to support and fund our Shelter.  Ms Closhen said a new  website has been created so that all donations are tax deductible and will go directly to the Shelter and not into the General Fund of the Police Jury. 

Another way you can help is by donating your time to help at the shelter or transport adoptable animals.   The ladies told us that because of strict spay/neuter laws up North that there is a big demand for these animals as pets or to be trained as Support or Service Animals. 

If you are interested in helping call the Shelter after 10:30am M-F at 318-871-2900 or Google search “DeSoto parish animal services (BFF DeSoto)” AND contact your local DeSoto Parish Police Juror and let them know of your concern.  The Mansfield Rotary Club urges you help us support our shelter!